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    Has anyone come up with a way to add a server watermark to the UI?
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    [SOLVED] Adding buildings`

    Can anyone give me a step-by-step on how I can add new locations/camps to my map, like in the A2/A3 days?
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    [SOLVED] Where are the weather settings?

    In my init.c, I see this: weather.MissionWeather(false); // false = use weather controller from Weather.c I can't find a Weather.c file anywhere. Where do I adjust the values to alter wind, clouds, rain, etc?
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    [OPEN] Can't get mods to work on my server

    I've got a test server on my PC. I've added two mods to the server and added the -mod parameter to the server command line. I've put the server keys in the Keys folder. When the server starts, the two mods are loaded, but if I use DZSA Launcher by Maca, it doesn't show the mods the server is...
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    [OPEN] Adjusting zombies

    Does anyone know what file I adjust and what settings I adjust in that file to increase or decrease the number of zombies, their strength and speed?
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    I thought I remembered reading somewhere that you can mine for rocks using the sledgehammer. I went to the Quary, held the sledgehammer over one of the rocks and the option to "Mine" popped up, indicating if I held the left mouse button, I could mine. When I do that, I get the circle with the...
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    Transfering a database

    If I switch hosts for 0.63 experimental, can I just copy the files from the "db" folder to the new server so my players won't lose anything?
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    Database with 0.63 Experimental

    I have a server hosted with a GSP right now and there's no database access. Does anyone know how the database works with the released server files? As we all know, we used to be able to use MySQL to access the DayZ mod database. Is there a way to do that now?
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    Killin Zedz - Increased zombie spawns - Regular stamina, loot spawns and vehicles!

    Are you looking for a Super-Dooper OMG we've got 100000 cars, 4x loot and safezones server with flying unicorns pooping out loot all over the map? Well then, this isn't the server for you. If you don't want any of that mamby-pamby BS, read on! The Killin Zedz community, which was formed in...
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    [Release] Walking zombies in Dayz 1.8.8

    Here's how to set up walking zedz for Dayz 1.8.8: 1. In your mpmission/mission name folder, open init.sqf. 2. Find the line that says this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf"; 3. Underneath it, put this: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers...
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    Walking zedz

    I've done a lot of searching and found nothing that works with Dayz so I'm starting a new topic with the hopes that enough people still read these forums to help. First off, please don't bother to argue about why I'm doing this or if it makes Dayz too easy. I'd like to make all of the...
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    Any command like -autoinit

    I know Arma 3 has the -autoinit command that loads the mission without anyone being on. Is there a similar command line switch for Arma 2 so instead of saying Arma 2 OA before someone joins, it says the actual map it's running?
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    Walking zombies for Dayz

    I'm trying to search for a walking zombie instructions for Dayz and it seems all I'm finding is instructions for Epoch. Does anyone have a good link to make the Dayz zombies walk, but more deadly?
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    Overwatch Zed sounds

    Does anyone have a download link to the Overwatch zed sounds from this thread?
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    Stuck on Origins vehicle upgrades

    Release thread: I am at the server_updateObject.sqf step. In that step it says to place the code below the line shown below. The line in the instructions appears 4 times in server_updateObject.sqf. Do I add the code under all 4...
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    Need help with canibalism script

    I am trying to install this script in Epoch When I go to a dead body, I am not getting the option to gut the human even though I have a knife. In my client log I am getting this: Error in expression <isAlive && !_isZombie && !_isAnimal...
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    Accelerated time for Dayz 1.8.5

    On my Epoch servers, I've used this to create a full 24 hour day/night cycle in 4 hours: However, this doesn't work with Dayz 1.8.5. The problem I see is that the code that you are supposed to add to server_functions.sqf so...
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    Problem with land patrols

    Tonight I set up an array of different vehicles for land patrols to use: DZAI_vehList = [ ["datsun1_civil_1_open",2], ["datsun1_civil_2_covered",2], ["datsun1_civil_3_open",2], ["hilux1_civil_1_open",2], ["hilux1_civil_2_covered",2], ["hilux1_civil_3_open_EP1",2]...
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    I noticed that in my world_napf.sqf, I had a section at the bottom like this: //Generic Napf static spawns begin here //marker name, [minimum AI, max additional AI], [markers for manual spawn points] (leave as empty array to use nearby buildings as spawn points), equipType...
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    A question about spawns

    In regards to static spawned AI. If all the AI in an area are killed, and a player remains within the spawn area, will the AI continue to spawn, or do they need to leave to activate it again?