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    Donation link not working

    Hi Guys, the donation link is dead. I would like to send you few bucks to support this forum. Panadur
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    Information on installing DayZ Namalsk 0.75 needed

    Hi, guys, i have a DayZ Namalsk Server that is running version 0.741 and i want to upgrade it to 0.75, but it seems i miss something. when i start the version 0.75 and try to connect via DayZ Commander, the server is grayed out and after connecting to the server i get the message that i cannon...
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    Server files?

    Hi, where can i download server files for DayZ Epidemic?
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    Repair/salvage vehicle improvments

    Hi, i developed a small addition to Epoch's repair and salvage vehicles.I think it should work with any other dayZ version too. With this script improvment now you can only salvage or repair 6 wheels on Trucks and 4 on other Cars. // ********************* Panadur's Wheelfix Start...
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    Restrict Krixes SelfBloodBag only to a special Location

    Hi All, i have written a small restriction to Krixes SelfBloodBag Script that allows the use only inside (not behind, nor on top) a hospital in Chernarus. open player_selfbloodbag.sqf and search for private...