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  1. Cas.haber

    Help... DZAI custom Spawns not working.

    hi. ok let me first say that DZAI is working and appears normal no errors in the logs etc... However when I put in custom missions that have worked before. they do no longer work. DZAI static spawns however still do. thanks
  2. Cas.haber

    Wanted... Custom Scripting to change Skins

    hiyas.. I am running Dayz Unleashed and am in need of a few custom skins that are in Arma already but are not accessable. 1 is Rita ( I actually wanted an Alice skin you know the one from Resident Evil? yea her. ) and the other is "Ins_Lopotev" I can pay to have this done. but this...
  3. Cas.haber

    DAYZ OF THE DEAD -Unleashed! new mod new map TONS of Options!

    Dayz of the Dead Server Details Status: Started (0/50 players) DayZ Unleashed 0.96 IP: The unleashed mod can be downloaded/installed thru Dayz Commander. Well Worth it!! the file size is about 1.6GB. so watch a dayz unleashed vid while it downloads the map size is 4...