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    edit clothing propertys?

    I have recently started a epoch tavi server and am wanting to add armoured clothing to my traders, is it possible to some how make a player receive less damage when wearing a certain type of clothing? if anyone could just point me in the right direction that would be awesome lol thanks, Brett
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    quick question about bi editing tools

    so im a complete noob at all this anyway I was following along with this tutorial () and the first issue I ran into was bulldozer wouldn't load my main image texture it loaded my wood texture fine. I have installed oxygen on my C drive but arma is installed on my F drive, my second hard drive...
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    tame dogs mod request

    hi, so iv recently started running a dayz epoch taviana server and I was wondering if any geniuses could help me, id like tame dogs on my server, but id like it changed a lot and was wondering if anyone could do it for me, if at all my idea is possible and what would you charge for doing this...