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  1. J3T

    Problem with me apperantly being a hacker.

    Good day. Setting up my Dayz Server (again) and apperantly infistar is always kicking me for: 14:14:29 " Log: Motherducking Abri (JustMyID) | BadVar 0: Dummy: ca\characters2\OTHER\scripts\fly.sqf" 14:14:29 "["PVAHR_0_e551Y918X4X7W5F2V8H",["Motherducking Abri","JustMyID","BAN", so I...
  2. J3T

    Integrating Dayz into a new map

    Hey Guys, I am wondering whether it would be easy to integrate the newest version of Dayz into a new map. Or whether it would be a bulk of work. The reason is simple, a few of my friends love the new Vanilla Dayz but are sick of the chernarus map for now. So well we would love some holidays on a...
  3. J3T

    Specific Area Logout-Punishment (Tested for Epoch)

    Specific Area Logout-Punishment VERSION vers. 1.0.0 Finally making a tutorial for this.... better late than never right? In the Vanilla versions of this Script you will get randomly Spawned around the Map if you logout in a specific Grid of the Map. Requirements (inc. Tools(must include...
  4. J3T

    Specific Area Logout-Punishment (Tested for Epoch) HELPTHREAD

    Post your issues here:
  5. J3T

    Dayz Epoch Sahrani Problem

    Hey there, so we are running a DayZ Epoch Sahrani Server and what our Problem is, we can't get anything of the Sahranispecific stuff to work (Like the Vehicles, the Skins or the LoginMenu). What i think the Problem is, that the config files of Sahrani are somehow overwritten by the Epoch ones...
  6. J3T

    Shoutbox and adding fonts

    Hey there i was just wondering whether you guys could add a shoutbox or something? Would like to do a little trashtalk there. (I'm not sure whether the IRC also could be used for that) And could you please add the fonts which are missing so we can see the threadtitel properly? right now it's...
  7. J3T

    using a pubished variable from mission to server file

    Hey there, so i was wondering how i can use my publicvariable. So right now i did this to determine it and publish it to the server (found in the mission.sqm) expActiv="secprot = true; publicVariableServer ""secprot"";"; But when i try to use it in the player_onDisconnect.sqf (for...
  8. J3T

    Send a respawn message?

    Is it possible so send a Message to the whole server when a unit completly respawned? For example: 25 static Npcs are getting killed in 30min. After 1:30h every Npc is respawned, now it shall send a message like: Backup troops arrived. Sorry for bothering again ;) J3T
  9. J3T

    Static Ai not spawning: Napf Server 1.0.4 Epoch

    Hey there i'm encountering a problem on my Napf Server 1.0.4 Epoch Set up a spawnmarker like this: _this = createMarker ["DZAIspawn", [730.57001, 6936.0059, 0]]; _this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _this setMarkerType "Empty"; _this setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _this...
  10. J3T

    How do you reduce damage a unit take?

    Hey there, i was wondering, whether we can somehow reduce the damage a unit take or expand the damage the unit can take by just using the init line. I guess it's done via evenhandler, i tried a bit but can someone tell me whether this will work or not (my first time working with EH). this...
  11. J3T

    [RELEASE]Remove Weapons/Ammunition/Thermal from Vehicle EPOCH VERSION

    Remove Weapons/Ammunition from Vehicle EPOCH VERSION vers. 1.0.2 Remove Thermal/Nightvision from vehicle guns vers. 1.0.0 Removes selected weapons and/or ammunition from selected vehicles. It does it for every spawned vehicle on server restart, for every vehicle bought at trader, for every...
  12. J3T

    Help Thread for Epoch Remove Weapons

    Post your issues here
  13. J3T

    Adding a custom menu for tools/items

    Hey there, can someone lend me in the right direction or give me a tutorial how to add functions for specific items in the players inventory? I guess it is something in the clientfiles, but im not 100% sure. thanks J3T
  14. J3T

    Improving suggestion

    We currently running a crafting script (here it is: But my problem is, that there is to less trash/useless/craftingloot on this map. For example: You got razor, toiletpaper on servern, none of them on...
  15. J3T

    Full list of lootable buildings and lootable stuff

    Hey there, i just wanted to ask you whether it is possible to release a list with the classnames of the buildings which are lootable at sahrani and also a list contains every lootable object from sahrani. It would make the process of editing the Loottable very esay. cheers J3T
  16. J3T

    Does rMod 2.1 works?

    Hey there we want to try Sahrani on our Server instead of Chernarus. But can you tell me whether rMod 2.1 is working? We can't play a map without it :D. Thanks. Cheers J3T *edit* Can someone tell me which barracks/control tower will work on Sahrani? The same as in Chernarus? Or the OA one...
  17. J3T

    Custom Skin spawn with

    Hey there, we have a little issue on our Server today. We just put the new onto our Server but after merging the old files with the new one it seems that our Custom skin spawn doesn't work anymore. Anyone know how to fix this? Our code looks like the following: if (!(_model in...
  18. J3T

    Adding magazines to crashsiteloottable

    How do i add Magazine to crashsite loot tables and edited how many will spawn per slot? Already know how to customize the crashsites, just need to know how to do it with magazines.
  19. J3T

    [DE Kami-Katze] rMod 2.1 - the way it meant to be used (over 480 weapons!)

    DE Kami-Katze DayZ Sahrani 0.2.1 rMod 2.1 Server-IP: TS³-IP: Admins: SiothieGaming [Dash] Einfach Kurt Roddi Features - rMod 2.1 - Sector Z - AI - Various rMod-Vehicles (armoured/non armoured) - Crafting system (for weapons and stuff like this) - Self...
  20. J3T

    Clean Bliss mission file

    Does anyone have a clean bliss mission file for me? Thanks :) J3T