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    New stuff coming :)

    any chance you can update vehicle speeds for off road its horrible to drive off road atm
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    Silent Warrior Anti-hack/ Admin tool.

    any updates on this tool mine keeps crashing takes around 10 attempts to get it working?
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    self bloodbag

    nobody give me a hand or point me in the right direction? cheers
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    admin tools

    you need to unpack the dayz_1.mbg_celle2.pbo edit you player id ( to the AdminToolsMain.sqf & Activate.sqf were it has "#####" then repack it and upload it back to the mpmissions folder
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    speed up vehicles off-road

    any way to do this as the driving off-road is so slow in every vehicle
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    self bloodbag

    any chance of this being added? or can i add it myself easily enough? also tow/lift auto refuel?
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    Official server is back up and HFB update!

    hahaha nice i actually had a support ticket answered by the ceo/owner of hfb and requested epidemic as a mod to be added and he said There could be a possibility that this can be added in the future. guess he decided to go for it :)
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    HFB Server Install Tutorial!

    i never used them submit a ticket to hfb with the full sql from the server files asking them to apply this then hit the spawn vehicle button in your control panel and that works
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    What does DayZ Epidemic offer?

    thank you for this have it installed
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    HFB Server Install Tutorial!

    you also have to upload the dayz_1.mbg_celle2.pbo to the mpmissions folder and make sure you edit your database info into the hiveext.ini i also uploaded the KRX.bikey from the server files to the keys folder (not sure if i had to but i did it)
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    HFB Server Install Tutorial!

    i submitted a ticket and hfb done the full sql just testing it now. also has this email form hfb Hello Due to VERY popular demand we have removed the .dll restriction we have had in place on Ultimate package since day one. This should help those of you that run very highly modified servers...
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    HFB Server Install Tutorial!

    got my server up and running but no vehicle are spawning at all?
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    sahrani hfb server

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    static ai positions/patrols

    cheers for the help
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    sahrani hfb server

    ok ill do that any chance you no of a admin tool that works like blue phoenix
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    sahrani hfb server

    hello im kinda new to server hosting been running an overwatch server and thought id like to setup a sahrani server which i have done but it seems there are no vehicles on the map. can someone let me no were the vehicles that have spawn are written to in the database? as it is not instance vehicle?
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    SARGE & DayZ Overwatch

    i had this problem to as soon as server restart they all crashed haha i just removed all the helis. infact i just have a static ai base at devils
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    static ai bases

    so if i turn the dynamic spawn off then delete all unwanted spawn triggers ill be good to go?
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    static ai bases

    thank you ill take a look :)
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    static ai bases

    i have no clue how