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  1. Allanstrings

    Requesting a server.pbo

    We use 999 when we have to, but the newer code for Epoch uses 5xx. And we don't steal any code from anyone...
  2. Allanstrings

    changing key for server

    1st: you can't install mod updates on your own, it won't work. We are working on adding this Sahrani patch as well as the ability to run Epoch on Sahrani, watch the twitter feed for news. 2nd: If you ever need keys installed just zip them up and send them to us in an email ticket and we will...
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    Boycotting servers

    Completely unnecessary and possibly harmful idea. Players can quickly see for themselves if a server is abusive, faster than checking some list somewhere. Posting a server name is silly, as they can easily and frequently be changed, and posting ip : ports is silly because the vast majority of...
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    Read this for how to add exceptions:
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    [HowTo] Protect your MapAdditions against stealing

    I was more referring to the server side mission load at restart, because anything you can put in the server.pbo will run immediately at restart, anything in the mission will not begin to load until a player tries to log in, and a lot of the most popular mods (looking at YOU Epoch) have a lot of...
  6. Allanstrings

    PBO unpack repack problem NOT Arma File?

    PBO View is very out of date right now and cannot handle 'OA' style pbos. CPBO and PBO Manager should be able to handle any current files, but I have seen some issues where PBO Manager started repacking server.pbo incorrectly and needed to be reinstalled.
  7. Allanstrings

    Short nights, long dayz

    Setting your date code as close to the summer solstice as possible while maintaining your desired amount of moon phase will give you the longest possible daylight in any chosen restart cycle. The 4pm start time was chosen based on feedback from our customers on what they wanted, if there is...
  8. Allanstrings

    Epoch Building

    Rather than increase the hitpoints, you may want to look into changing the armor values. As I understand it though, this is also done in the dayz_code, so changing these values would require your players to download your unique files.
  9. Allanstrings

    Need help: Access your gear and use items while in vehicle

    This ability was part of older builds of DayZ, and has since been removed. Some mods based on old DayZ codebase possibly still have this active, like 2.0, which is based on DayZ I don't know of a way to 'add' this back in the the current releases.
  10. Allanstrings

    [RELEASE] DayZ Taviana Epoch Traders

    I like the idea of the special trader base island, as long as it is far enough away that players would be safe from sniper fire from either island and the bridge.
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    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    The code works, but you would have to carefully merge in our changes that handle the live admin map, custom loadouts, etc.
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    [HowTo] Protect your MapAdditions against stealing

    Yes, there are some considerable differences, depending on the other features of the map. The server.pbo is parsed before the mission, then elements of the mission are called in order. So for example, if you call your custom buildings from the bottom of the init as described above - you could...
  13. Allanstrings

    Admins Global Messages to Whole Server?

    We include this messaging to discourage the rampant wholesale abuse the tool would be capable of in silent mode. If you are not doing anything abusive, just tell the server what you are doing, and they will be happy that you are actively fixing problems. A simple "hey this car spawned in the...
  14. Allanstrings

    [Resolved] The hidden secrets of

    While i understand the point you are trying to make here Retra... that is a logical fallacy of reduction. The same concept could be applied to any software in any language. You could reduce Windows to a very large set of text files if you wanted, I'm pretty sure M$ would still sue your ass. In...
  15. Allanstrings

    [FIX] Dayz Taviana and Epoch missing kh_dayztaviana content

    That would be an antihack issue most likely. Easy way to test is to see if it happens to people in the admin list or just regular players. If it affects everyone, its possible it could be something else messing with fn_selfActions.
  16. Allanstrings

    [Resolved] The hidden secrets of

    If Ersan's identity matters to you as far as what he represents (and it must, otherwise you would not have derisively talked about user switching instead of just responding to the data you claim is incorrect), then your identity matters as well. I am not saying it should, just saying you can't...
  17. Allanstrings

    [Resolved] The hidden secrets of

    Really not trying to start anything, but i find it humorous that for a couple posts and the beginning of the quoted one Avid acts like a 3rd party, then i guess got so worked up he forgot that and started with the 'our servers', and in PM threatened legal action of behalf of the company and...
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    TSW question

    The usual cause for Epoch SQL issues and tools like this come back to table names being case sensitive. If the SQL server is running in Linux the names will need to be exactly correct, if it is running in Windows you can sneak by with all lower case names. Depending on what kind of system the...
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    ACRE and

    We need to install the keys on the server, your local ftp folder will not work. Email them to us at We already have a good chunk of the CBA keys in every server, but send us all of the ones you want to use just in case. After you get confirmation from us that they are installed...