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  1. LuckyMrGun

    Oxygen 2 Experienced Users

    I have been looking for someone that knows alot about O2 to possibly help me with some issues I have encountered while creating a shotgun. If anyone who has experience with O2 could PM me I would greatly appreciate it. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, Its late and I havent been on...
  2. LuckyMrGun

    Epoch Base Decay

    I have set the Hiveext.ini option to 9999 days until cleanup, and removed the table where the cleanup script is contained in the DB, but I cannot find out what is cleaning up bases every 6 days. Can someone point this out to me or help me? Cheers, Lucky.
  3. LuckyMrGun

    Anti Base Cleanup - Epoch

    I cant seem to get bases to stop decaying entirely. It seems that if player place down plot poles and build, they dont decay, but if they dont have a plot pole, they decay in 6 days! Ive removed the database script, and set the Hiveext.ini to -1 for base cleanup... (also have Godmode bases...
  4. LuckyMrGun

    Server Ads?

    Just posting quickly to ask if anyone knew why we cant post server advertisements anymore? I see one from April 22nd, but I myself dont have permissions to post there. Any reasoning behind this? I might have missed something on the forum due to inactivity.
  5. LuckyMrGun

    Need help with WAI

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me set up patrols and convoys with Wicked AI. I dont know how to get the coordinates for where the AI spawn and patrol at, so im stuck with only the mission system. Any ideas?
  6. LuckyMrGun

    Custom weapons in Mission PBO?

    Just came to ask if it would be at all possible to incorporate a small (maybe 1-2 MB) weapons pack into Epoch via missionfile? Just a question so I can possibly experiment with this.
  7. LuckyMrGun

    R3F Tow/Lift Epoch Vehicle List?

    Is there anyone out there with R3F on their server with the R3F list/config already built? Also, how do I fix floating vehicles?
  8. LuckyMrGun

    R3F Tow and Lift

    Has anyone had any luck finding a preset Epoch R3F Script? I have only been able to find the original, even while pillaging the forums looking for a good one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  9. LuckyMrGun

    Cant open HiveExt.ini to edit the paths to the database?

    Having trouble trying to do this! Anyone have any idea what to do? Ive got no idea how to open it, im trying to redo my database and I cant edit paths for it. Cheers, LuckyMrGun.
  10. LuckyMrGun

    DayZ Epoch Chernarus | Hosted by : Hastecase Gaming!

    Hello everyone! I would like to introduce you to a friendly environment Epoch Chernarus server! -Our server is running BattlEye and a few other Anti-Hacks, making the server practically impenetrable to hackers. But the actual server itself is going to be running scripts such as: DayZ Missions...
  11. LuckyMrGun

    DayZ Epoch Trader help.

    Hey guys, was just wondering if anyone could help me modify the traders in epoch! I would like to add the Heavy armor and tracked vehicles to a trader, or make a new one! If anyone can help me locate where the code for adding a trader is, that would be awesome. Regards, LuckyMrGun.