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  1. Neoheresy

    Sarge AI Vehicle Patrols

    Did you check if you have the relevant lines for that functionality commented out, by chance?
  2. Neoheresy

    DayZ Mission System

    Man, I missed that post. Thanks!
  3. Neoheresy

    DayZ Mission System

    That is a brilliant idea, I think you should PM it to Sarge and ask him about chances of having it implemented. (assuming he misses this post).
  4. Neoheresy

    Does anyone have Chopper AI spawning in 1.8 Cherno?

    Yes, running DayZ v.18 + Epoch v1.0.23.
  5. Neoheresy

    summertime and work ...

    It's officially Autumn now (at least in Europe ;)). Do you have any plans for further development of Sarge AI? Any new features that we should be looking forward to?
  6. Neoheresy

    Help please

    1. Do an Integrity check 2. Close Steam client 3. Right click the Steam.exe (Steam executable file) 4. Click Run as Administrator 5. Start Arma 2 (not OA) from your Steam library. Make sure it is playable in MP mode. Close Arma 2. 6. Start Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead from your Steam library. Make...
  7. Neoheresy

    New server questions

    1. First rule - always make a backup copy of the files that you edited. When a new DayZ/Epoch version is released, the Server PBO and Map PBO will become overwritten with the default PBO file from the latest update. However if you replace it with a PBO file version you were using BEFORE you...
  8. Neoheresy

    HFBServers Forums

    Thumbs up from me for using PunBB!
  9. Neoheresy

    DayZ Mission System

    I was thinking about making a fixed delay time between missions. I _think_ (I am not sure, haven't tried it yet) this could be done by editing the file this way (only the 2nd line from the end of the file changed - highlighted in red). This should be valid and work only if the unit here is...