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    US 5659 New Official Dayz Vanilla Server 1/30/14

    Hosted by WooHoo Gaming , Running on HFB Server Hosting Platform with DDoS Filtering. This is an Official Vanilla Dayz Server. We are Running the Latest Battleye Filters for your protection from hackers. Our goal is to give you the most enjoyable gameplay without the hassels. We cannot...
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    PBO unpack repack problem NOT Arma File?

    What PBO extractor / packer / editor i can use with Epidemic Files. I Run a Private server with HFBservers as my Server provider. Map and game run fine but i want to make changes to the Variables and Compiles to my liking. When i try to unpack the Dayz_code or Dayz_Epidemic pbo it says "Not an...
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    MingMong Gaming Hosting Taviana 2.0

    MingMong Gaming is Proud to Host Taviana 2.0 Private Server . We have a few Addons including Sarges AI, Self Bloodbag, Auto Refuel, Over 140 vehicles in game. Always Daytime . We do not use Battleye, therefore we have Password protection. If you would like a place to play without other people...
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    Tents Disappearing on Server Restart

    Started new server 7/13/2013 Running Taviana 2.0 , Arma Version 103718 on . Default game setup fine. Only problem is Tents Disappear every time server restarts. Vehicles remain in play and loot inside them stay. just TENTS disappear. I had a server through running Taviana...
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    DDgames Hosting Official Dayz Mod

    DDgames is proud to host an Official Dayz Server, with the Latest Battleye Filters and up to date Files as to give the community a safe and fun gaming experience without worrying about Hackers / cheaters. If your a serious gamer whom wants the most current and updated game, then this is a...