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    1.8 mysql scheme update

    insert into deployable (class_name) values ('DomeTentStorage'); insert into deployable (class_name) values ('CamoNet_DZ'); insert into deployable (class_name) values ('Trap_Cans'); insert into deployable (class_name) values ('TrapTripwireFlare'); insert into deployable (class_name) values...
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    waitUntil player is spawned and ingame

    hey, iam searching a condition to make sure a player is ingame. i know there is something like finddisplay xyz, but cant find it. tia
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    [FIX] Seagul / CreateVehicle Restriction / Bird

    this is more a workaround than a fix. this issue still happens but is gone after some minutes (depends on the sleep interval). there are other ways to fix it, but this seems to be the easiest way for me. create dayz_server/init/cleaner.sqf: while {true} do { { if (count units...
  4. B login process >>> up again

    iam >>> angry right now.. was a nightmare when having >40 people on the server. 1.7.7. worked PERFECTLY. had 55/55 for 14 hours straight with 3h restarts. lauching the first run of after 40 people all stuck again in debug/blackscreen. * [UPDATED] - Much quicker login/loading...
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    [1.7.7] Server Start Timeout?

    hey, is there a way to edit the timeout when the server starts / restarts. its default at 90s, but its too low. my server isnt ready when people joining after timeout, canceling login and clients have to kill the process and login again... so is there a way to change this timeout variable? tia
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    How to disable / change Infection on DayZ 1.7.7

    HOW TO DISABLE / CHANGE INFECTION FROM ZOMBIES IN 1.7.7 - create a folder in your mission called "fixes" - copy "compiles.sqf" and "fn_damageHandler.sqf" from your dayz_code.pbo into your just created fixes folder - edit your init.sqf in your mission file and change this line from call...
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    Sarge AI and 1.7.7

    hey guys, i just wanted to know if there might be some problems with the upcoming release of dayz 1.7.7. maybe sarge has already the newest version and can say something about this. i really love these npcs and they became an essential part of my server, so if there might be problems i would...
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    Error /value/Item8/data

    hey guys, my server is randomly crashing. iam getting this recursive error: 18:40:10 Client: Object 25:8 (type Type_94) not found. 18:40:10 Unknown value type -19 18:40:10 Unknown entry type ffffffca in /value/Item8/data/ 18:40:10 Unknown value type -19 18:40:10 Unknown entry type ffffffca in...
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    Requesting Authentication / Spawn as Bird after some time / Players can't join

    hey guys, iam have problems after setting up the following mods: - animated crashsites - sarge ai framework - storageboxes (saving ammoboxes) ive read over 9000 threads but i cant fix it: when there are ~30 peoples on my server (root, 3,2ghz, 32gb ram, 100/100 mbit) new player cannt connect...
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    Strange Error Message / Requesting Authentication

    hey guys, my players on the server are currently stucked at requesting for authentication when there are more than 35 players. i checked the logs and discovered this one getting spammed: 20:37:49 "ERROR: Cannot Sync Character Error: No vehicle has nil characterID" 20:37:49 Bad conversion...