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  1. CommanderRetra

    [Discussion] Who's your GSP or SP and why?

    Just wanted to create this thread so everyone can chat about who there GSP or SP is and why. Feel free to talk about who has the best/worst support and where you should go to get your value for money, specs and performance. I'll start. I can't mention who provides me with my server. But they...
  2. CommanderRetra


    Hello all, In case you weren't aware. Sarge-AI has been discontinued as Sarge has been busy with work and has no time to maintain this any more. Please refrain from sending him PM's it's not going to get you anywhere. If you need help, I'm sure there are some members of the community that...
  3. CommanderRetra

    [Planet Zed] DayZ Epoch [800+ Vehicles & Custom Content]

    Hey guys, I have got my server up and running again! The server is 50 slots and hosted by DayZ.ST although it doesn't say it :p We already have a moderately sized player base but the more the merrier. I'm in the process of getting the website up and going with forums and player statistics...
  4. CommanderRetra

    Loading Screens, come here to get ideas!

    I thought it would be cool to make a thread to post your loading screens, so other people can get some ideas when it comes to making your own. I'll start this off with posting mine... Post yours below!
  5. CommanderRetra

    Guidelines to 'Trouble Shooting' forum. READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Just a friendly reminder, OpenDayZ does not provide commercial server hosting support, if you are hosting with a server company and are having issues that are in no way affliciated with script or database errors then please don't post here. Support is provided for - Private Servers (self...
  6. CommanderRetra

    [Help] - Preconfigured R3F Logistics (Towing and Heli-Lift) ABANDONED

    Help for Preconfigured R3F Logistics (Towing and Heli-Lift) begins here....
  7. CommanderRetra

    [Release] - Preconfigured R3F Logistics (Towing and Heli-Lift)

    Preconfigured R3F Logistics (Towing and Heli-Lift) R3F Logistics gives the player the ability to tow other vehicles with selected vehicles, eg. you can have a Ural as the only vehicle that can tow another. It also gives you the ability to lift other vehicles with a helicopter. Requirements...
  8. CommanderRetra

    Any questions||statements||comments in this forum will be DELETED!

    Do *NOT* ask for help or comment in this forum all will be deleted If you have a question use the Script/Addon help or Troubleshooting forum. If you want to show your appreciation of someone's work, then like their post. If a link is broken then please PM the author.
  9. CommanderRetra

    Suggestions to improve the DayZ / Arma Scripting & Editing forum

    Hello fellow people of the OpenDayZ community, I have created this thread due to the fact that this forum needs a bit of house cleaning and improvements. We are asking for some of your suggestions to help tidy up and improve this forum. We have a few of our own ideas but we are wanting to know...
  10. CommanderRetra

    Error in expression for default server pbo...

    Hello all, I have run into a few things that are confusing me and annoying me. Why am I getting the playerDisconect error, why are loot bags being cleaned up 5 minutes after boot and whats all this other crap delete uncontrolled zombie and Client: Remote object 4:0 not found I have only...
  11. CommanderRetra

    [Resources] - Introduction to Scripting

    Hello all, A while ago I promised this thread. Now I have decided to sit on my ass and make it. This is just a collection of documents from various resources throughout the web and a little bit of my own input. If there is anything you would like added to this thread send me a PM or reply to the...
  12. CommanderRetra

    "Squint" another Scripting tool

    Hello all, Sarge recommend a thread on this. So anyways here it is. What is Squint??? Squint is an editor and static-analyzer (error-checker) for ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead script files. This tool will automatically update to the latest version after installation and if not just run the...
  13. CommanderRetra

    DayZ community build

    I have been reading though the patch notes of the upcoming patch, and a lot their patches are absolutely horrible where as some are absolutely epic. So I was thinking, why don't we make a custom community build. So all stuff is unbanned by default. We could model this off the latest DayZ build...
  14. CommanderRetra

    ARMA SQF Syntax - Scripting Tool

    Little tutorial to assist with scripting your servers. 1. Download the "ARMA SQF Syntax" here. 2. Open Notepad ++ 3. Hover Over "Language" 4. Click "Define your language..." 5. Click "Import..." 6. Select SQF For NP++.xml 7. You will see "Import successful" 8. Change "User...
  15. CommanderRetra

    Miscellaneous scripting thread and code examples

    Should I make a thread with lots of scripts for people to use and examples of code or would it be a waste of time? Scripts being a collection of "sqf" files.
  16. CommanderRetra

    Remove the DayZ respawning method

    Hi there, Just wondering if anyone knew where the code for the respawn handlers in the mission or server files is located. I want to remove it because I am using a different method which works and means you don't have to go to the lobby and load back in. I have had a thorough look but can't seem...
  17. CommanderRetra

    Opinion on Wasteland DayZ???

    I am currently incorporating 404 Wasteland into DayZ, of course I am modifying a couple of things to make it balanced and still a survival based scenario and changing player event handlers and such. But just wanting some peoples opinions. Cheers Retra
  18. CommanderRetra

    Broken server pbo can someone please take a look

    Hello, I know that it is Base building v1.2 that has broken my server pbo but I really want it and I have no idea what the errors in the RPT log mean. I will link the mission and server pbo as well as the RPT log for anyone that could take a look for me. Thanks RPT LOG...
  19. CommanderRetra

    Admin Battleye Bypass

    Hi, unsure if this is the right place for this thread but anyways it's not hurting anyone if it isn't. My server is running multiple scripts all will be listed below. Anyways I am having a hell of a lot of trouble configuring the filters for battleye. I have got admin tools and can't configure...