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  1. taikonaut

    Problems with infiSTAR and DayZ Mod 1.8.3

    Trying to get my hive running and infiSTAR is giving me a hard time... Logging in as an admin kicks me from the game and kills the character. RPT: 23:07:55 "STARTING LOGIN: ["MYUIDHERE",B 1-1-A:1 (taikonaut) REMOTE]" 23:07:55 "LOGIN ATTEMPT: "MYUIDHERE" taikonaut" 23:07:55 "LOGIN LOADED: B...
  2. taikonaut

    Objects from table object_data not spawning at restart

    Hey, I have a rather annoying problem with my server restarts. From time to time the objects (vehicles, deployables) from the object_data table do not spawn to the map. No vehicles, no tents, stashes, fences, nothing. Rather shocking for the players. ;) Restarting usually fixes it. Any idea...
  3. taikonaut

    HIVE Calls

    Hey guys, what are the appropiate HiveExt calls for writing into "object_data"? _data = "HiveEXT" callExtension format["CHILD:306:Insert into object_data (ObjectUID, Instance, Classname, Datestamp, CharacterID, Worldspace, Inventory, Hitpoints, Fuel, Damage) values ('%1', 1, '%2', '%3', 0...
  4. taikonaut


    With Gamespy going down in a month (service got extended for a month), what happens after that? Where are we going to report the servers to? What will happen to DayZ Commander? What URL will we point our servers to? This is all I found...
  5. taikonaut

    Vehicles don´t spawn

    I´ve spawned the vehicles to the database using the stored procedures (pMain) and the vehicles are written to the object_data table. Yay. When I fire up the server, not a single vehicle is in the game. Am I missing something? I´m running 1.8.1 and infistar. Cheers.
  6. taikonaut

    Logging on, logging off

    There´s a strange behaviour I observed. A lot of players log on my server, 5-10 seconds later, they disconnect. Maybe they realize, that it's a private hive? I don´t know. Do you guys see similar behaviour on your servers?
  7. taikonaut

    Battleye question

    Hey guys, Battleye is giving a hard time with this here... People get kicked for filling up vehicles with 20l jerry cans... publicvariable.log says Value Restriction #81 "PVDZ_send" = [<NULL-object>,"SetFuel",[<NULL-object>,0.4]] I´m a little lost here. !="PVDZ_send" is set In...
  8. taikonaut

    Adding a item class

    Hey guys... I want to add a custom item to the game, so I prepared a .paa and .p3d file and put it in my mission.pbo. In order to setup the new item, I included the item.hpp (located in my mission.pbo) to the description.etx #include "path\to\my\item.hpp" As it is supposed to be...
  9. taikonaut

    Sensor Class Problems

    Hey Survivors, here´s one for you... I have this Sensor-Class in my mission.sqm class Item0 { position[]={4691,0.436,13432}; a=200; b=200; rectangular=1; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1...
  10. taikonaut

    [jarHead] Private Hive, PVP, Base Building, 150+ Vehicles and much more.

    Enjoy the blood pumping thrill of PVP? Got a clan going and looking for a harsh place to build your base HQ? Check out the [jarHead] Private Hive@ Features - Base Building - 150+ vehicles - 20 choppers - Animated heli crashes - Refuelling at petrol stations - Loot...