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    # Simpers Paradise Chernarus DayZ Server * We offer active admins that are frequently online and available to help players and/or ban players who break server rules. * Join our Discord for up-to-date server info, events, giveaways, support and announcements. * 99% Uptime w/ scheduled...
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    PC - SimpersParadise|10xLoot|150kStart|RAID|BBP|PVP|100+GUNS|AIRDROP

    SimpersParadise|10xLoot|150kStart|RAID|BBP|PVP|100+GUNS|AIRDROP Our objective is to find the best balance between PVP/Raiding with as little survival aspect as possible. (Basically make sure your base is prepared for raiding and you are prepared with supplies (Ammo, Food...etc) We aim to build...