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  1. CraftLourens

    How to optimize server?

    Hi! I have server Intel Xeon E5420 2.5 GHz (x2,4+4=8 core) SAS 136 GB 20 GB DDR3 RAM Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 How to optimize my server ? Sorry for my bad english.
  2. CraftLourens

    How to "Clear Ground around helicrash"

    Unpack your server pbo.(Original - @hive>addons) Edit "compile/server_spawnCrashSite.sqf" FIND THESE LINES (Usually line 108) _clutter = createVehicle ["ClutterCutter_small_2_EP1", _lootpos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _clutter setPos _lootpos; And replace it with //_clutter = createVehicle...
  3. CraftLourens soon ? :D

    Who can fix for new version ?
  4. CraftLourens

    Admin Script Injector

    Hey! You need to use some scripts but don't know how to do it ? I gonna help you buddy :D You can bind key with your script. !Read!: U can't be banned with scripts activated from server side! Sorry for my bad english. Russian. _________________________________________________________________...
  5. CraftLourens

    [HELP] Automatic disclosure parachute

    Sorry for my bad english I have installed HALO script and players spawn in sky. Many players just scream and do nothing xD I want to make a parachute opening automatically when the player is 100 meters from the ground I don't know...
  6. CraftLourens

    Custom loadout for specific player

    I know how to change start equip for all, but how to change it for specific player ?
  7. CraftLourens

    [OLD] Problem with Namalsk Stapo server again -_-

    Message to all players: U running old version (0.70) server running Survivor_2DZ I download Namalsk with SIX and set in server launcher @DayZ;@DayZ_Namalsk;@namalsk;@NC Help me please ._.
  8. CraftLourens

    Problem with NamalskLite Stapo Server

    And i can't connect to server Just get - Waiting for server
  9. CraftLourens

    How to change default loadout?

    How to change default loadout? :D
  10. CraftLourens

    How to restrict scripts in scripts.txt ?

    Please help me i don't know how to restrict scripts with this file...
  11. CraftLourens

    I need vehicle spawnpoints

    I need official vehicle spawnpoints like this - Where i can get it ?
  12. CraftLourens

    Need vehicle spawnpoints for DayZ map!

    I have only 23 vehicles ;(. And players says its bad positions for cars, i need some different cars.
  13. CraftLourens

    Server don't kick players ;(

    Server can't read log Antihax not ban cheaters... Server not kick players with high ping All public scripts working (I update all filters and BE)