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    addaction to an object using a script

    Hello, for what is wanted by a script to add an action in the options menu of the character when I'm near objects. eg When I approached a gas station called "Land_A_FuelStation_Shed" less than 10 meters appears an option called "Button message" and send mensaje.sqf to upload a file, which is a...
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    Añadir una accion

    Hola, pues lo que quisiera es añadir mediante una script, una acción en el menú de opciones del personaje cuando estoy cerca de algún objeto. por ejemplo: Cuando me acerque a una gasolinera llamada "Land_A_FuelStation_Shed" a menos de 10 metros aparezca una opción llamada "Botón mensaje"...
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    Adding snow to your server

    Anyone can upload files to work purged all? I mean: the effect on body temperature. and that snow is not seen on buildings and vehicles. thank you very much;)
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    Spawn Vehicle on DayZ without Rmod

    Hello, I want to add helicopter, weapons or vehicles in my server Dayz Chernarus. The fact is that I have made ​​in the init.sqf scripts, and they work perfectly, but when active rmod to add more vehicles to the map, the scripts do not work that worked previously. As I have understood that...
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    Desbloquear vehiculos en un server dayz sin usar Rmod

    Hola, quiero poder agregar helis, armas o vehiculos en mi server Dayz chernarus. El caso es que tengo scripts hechas dentro del init.sqf, y funcionan perfectamente, pero cuando activo el rmod para poder agregar mas vehículos al mapa, dejan de funcionar las scripts que antes funcionaban. Segun...