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    Looking for admin to help with setup

    Hey FallingSheep Thanks for your Reply. I have tried to get single coin working on my own with tutorials and I just am unable to make it work. I seem to not fully understand the database part of running the server I think that's the biggest problem Basically Single coin currency with global...
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    Looking for admin to help with setup

    Hi, all I am currently trying to find someone that could help me set up a Dayz server I rented the Gtx Gaming If possible I would like to find someone with experience administering a server and setting one up. The only thing I can offer is my appreciation for the help I have no money to offer...
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    Noob in need of help

    I would like to have single coin and global banking on the server. I have seen a few different versions of this and so far I have not found a version that I have gotten to work for me. I am sure it is doing something backwards or something. Thanks for the reply....... sorry I didn't reply...
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    Noob in need of help

    Hi Everyone, I need help please on installing Single Coin + Banking. I am using a GTX GAMING Server, which they have a single click add-on. Here is what I need help with: 1. Single Currency Mod is not working. When players log out and then log back in the coins they had are gone. 2. The...
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    Any Advice

    I will check this next time I am off work I am going to be stuck at work a few days but I will check it out. Thanks Alot I really appreciate your help Thanks again Stomper
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    Any Advice

    Hi I have been reading a lot of your post on here for a while. I have recently gotten myself a Vilyer Server and I am running Chernarus 11. So far I have successfully been able to installed a few mods. Infistar DZAI DZMS SAFE ZONE COMMANDER (Traders safezone) I have gotten to a point that...
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    [Simple Tutorial] Dogs on Taviana

    I noticed this is an old thread. I think everyone just wants it as a feature so much. No one wants to give it up yet LOL
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    locksmith trader and gem traders

    Hi guys and gals sorry if this was posted in the wrong spot I was wondering if anyone knows of away to make locksmith trader. The trader would be able to re-key your vehicle to match other vehicles you own, make duplicate keys, if I stole your suv I could go get a key made for it. He would...
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    Active Player Reward System

    This an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of the community. Did any of this end up being a working script?? EITHER WAY YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME FOR HELPING US NEW SERVER OWNERS. Thanks Stomper
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    Custom boxes in Epoch?

    I was wondering if you could help me get this setup on my server you seem to have this already figured out. Thanks Stomper
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    .RPT errors with DZAI

    Hi I am having the same problem my RPT has this I am a new admin and not sure what to make of this. 21:30:08 "RUNNING EVENT: crash_spawner on [2015,3,18,8,30]" 21:30:08 "_iClass isNil, exiting loot spawn!" 21:30:08 Error in expression < 1 to _num do { _index1 = floor(random _cntWeights)...
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    [Simple Tutorial] Dogs on Taviana

    Hi does anyone know is there anyway to make a pack of dogs that like sarge ai just show up and start chasing you if you run through certain areas. I am hoping to to load ai soldiers into the towns and bases and then when you leave the town the dogs come chasing you maybe while running back to...
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    How to make static spawns on DZAI?

    Ok thanks I will see if this works thanks
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    How to make static spawns on DZAI?

    I would like to know this as well except for towns
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    DX | Custom Debug Monitor

    Sorry for the edit but was able to replicate the error I was able replicate the error I get when setting up my debug Image mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\monitor\logo2.jpg: dimensions 256X72 Not 2^n I hit ok the game loaded with debug monitor. I keep thinking it is saying it is not like...
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    Hi guys sorry very new to the scripting stuff. I am running an HFB Server hosted Overwatch server ver. 1.8. I have already gone through and installed the DZMS that Vampire has provided " Thanks A lot by the way that is very nice of you to provided the script and help". Anyways I installed it...
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    Hi Vampire After installing the mission system all i got was a bunch of Battle eye messages...

    Hi Vampire After installing the mission system all i got was a bunch of Battle eye messages after logging in but never saw anything elese can you help me please My name is stomper on steam and my team speak is Thanks
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    What did i do wrong thins time

    Sorry I wasn't sure what you needed as I am still new to this thanks for the quick reply i was able to get the server fixed on my own but thanks for trying to help very nice ......Also you avitar is kewl man
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    What did i do wrong thins time

    Hi all I have been going through some tutorials for adding a debug monitor After my last restart now nothing works. I tryed to restore my server with a backup of my "dayz_1.chernarus.pbo" Still wont load all it says is "Wait for host". I let it set for a while still not loading the only thing...
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    Overwatch On Namalsk ???

    Hi all This is my first post here I am trying wrap my brain around how to make my hosted server into an Overwatch server using the Namalsk Map. I am currently trying to add in baseses and more buildings to the to generate more loot on the map. I think with the addition of Overwatch Namalsk...