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  1. SchwEde


    looks great, keep up the work :)
  2. SchwEde

    Self blood bag in Dayz 1.8.1? How can I merge these scripts? :)

    Really?! Why waking the dead?
  3. SchwEde

    IN NEED OF DAYZ EPOCH MILITERIZED TRADERS WILL PAY Just use this and make your own changes in there and donate your money to him. if you want to buy a pbo from someone...well let's say I wouldn't sell mine under 700$ ;)
  4. SchwEde

    [Release] Origins Vehicle Upgrades (Updated)

    Origins Vehicle Upgrades what it does? This is the vehicle upgrade Script from the Origins Mod for the Origins Vehicles. Note: This version lets you upgrade everything with one scrap metal. I will release and update soon where you can decide what materials and tools are required for each...
  5. SchwEde

    [SUPPORT] - Sheeps Epoch Repack

    back in business sheep? You can still count on me if you need something ;) Still having a dedicated machine, so i can provide you with a testserver or some scripting help :) Just tell me
  6. SchwEde

    Problem with scroll options

    simple arma menus nothing to worry about
  7. SchwEde

    Check if player is inside Marker and notify user.

    you guys forgot to remove the marker, otherwise it would spam a bit :) also distance is never < 0 , so better would be to set it if(_pos < 5)then{ this way you have a bit of safezone around the center
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    do they have an inside?
  9. SchwEde

    Help with lighting Campfires

    are you sure? it burned as i tested it on the editor it should defently spawn with fire
  10. SchwEde

    Should sheep return to the repack?

    If you need help allways count on me sheep :)
  11. SchwEde

    Help with lighting Campfires

    try using this Land_Fire_burning instead of Land_Fire_DZ this should do your trick =)
  12. SchwEde

    Help with lighting Campfires

    Ok I think I got some time today in the evening and will try to get some of it done :)
  13. SchwEde

    Help with lighting Campfires

    try to add wood in its inventory and set it on fire
  14. SchwEde

    DayzCC with Infistar Antihack...

    have you acces to you BE-Filters? have you acces to your dayz_server.pbo? Is infistar already loaded in on your server? (RPT Logs?)
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    Copy over your Addons folder from Arma 2 to Arma 2 OA >> Expansions At the end of the process you will be asked to overwrite 4 files: click the option "Don't Copy" do not replace anything in there!
  16. SchwEde

    DayzCC with Infistar Antihack...

    It's battleye which is kicking you. replace the filters with the included filters in infistar
  17. SchwEde

    Really Need Help with setting my server up

    Not at all. just follow the instructions and you shouldn't have a big problem
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    really nice work digga ;)
  19. SchwEde

    [HELP] to count player objects in server

    Looking good. but with characterID you are only checking for an existing character and not a player. You need p4l to get stored the playerUID in the database so you can check for players buildables and not of an single character :)
  20. SchwEde

    [HELP] to count player objects in server

    You will need to count all objects on an type and also for the owner uid