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  1. BambiJosh

    Making ‘Taviana’ map for SA

    I completely support your efforts. Martin really is a d*** I have spoke with him before on using the map for a rivate whistelisted server for a few buddies and he completely rejected that. Really is a shame it is probably one of the best community maps I have ever played on and it is a real...
  2. BambiJosh

    [New] Ceasefire Immersive Role Play Community

    Ceasefire Immersive Role Play Community Connection Info: discord: Introduction: We are a Heavy RP focused community on a winter Chernarus map centring the lore around a nuclear winter apocalypse being the centre of the story...
  3. BambiJosh

    I can help server owners implement scripts on their servers

    Hello my skype name is wattowatto101 and I will donate a lot if you can help me out, talk more on skype.