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    CC V6.0.0.0 [OUTDATED]

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    CC V6.0.0.0 [OUTDATED]

    Will have support for Taviana?
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    [Support] DZGM

    good night, would you give an example of part 5, why not get it right. In compiles.sqf find: dayz_spaceInterrupt = { ... }; If you do not have it you need to copy the whole dayz_spaceInterrupt = { }; function from the default compiles.sqf and paste it inside the if (!isDedicated) then { }...
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    Downloading Taviana 2.0 map for Servers

    The files are off, can someone pass me the files on the server Taviana 2.0?
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    Help, I put the server online for 30 minutes missions are ok, but when I checked my RPT was 32mb and with this Message: 20:17:58 [DZMS]: Starting DayZ Mission System. 20:17:58 [DZMS]: Relations not found! Using DZMS Relations. 20:17:58 [DZMS]: Currently Running Version: RC1.1 20:17:58 [DZMS]...
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    Vehicle spawn list

    this version is to add vehicles banned?
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    LoadOut VIP

    Probably he must be talking about the player being born with one of these types of vip.
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    Auto Delete Wrecked Vehicles Script (HOW ?)

    AlienX, you know how to put the option of rearm the helis in these containers: CDF_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint and USMC_WarfareBVehicleServicePoint. is that I put the Gunners little bird, black bird, AN2 and UH1H.
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    Working halo jump script

    Can someone help me, when I open the parachute he gets a little time and vanishes suddenly.
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    [Help] with MPEventHandler Restriction #0// kill message

    Oops, I did, I had forgotten an old standard line: 5 !="this enableSimulation false;this allowDammage false;this disableAI 'FSM';this disableAI 'ANIM';this disableAI 'MOVE';" .... That was my problem .... Schwede Thanks for making me think more ....
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    [Help] with MPEventHandler Restriction #0// kill message

    Já tem uma escrita dentro do MPEventHandler.txt. A linha começa assim: 1 "isto" = "esta enableSimulation false;! Este = .........."!! "=" Fnc_plyrHit formato _v setVehicleInit esta desova ........ Pode me ajudar a resolver isso?
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    [Help] with MPEventHandler Restriction #0// kill message

    Guys, I do not know anything about scripts restriction, I'm taking this restriction on my server: 31/03/2014 15:48:29: # # # # # # (IP) GUID - # 0 "Hit" Survivor2_DZ 31:309 - "_this spawn fnc_plyrHit;" I installed the script of death of this website message:
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    rMod 2.1 Install Problem

    Open the file in description.sqf mission.pbo folder and comment this line: # include "\ z \ addons \ dayz_code \ system \ mission \ description.sqf" to //# include "\ z \ addons \ dayz_code \ system \ mission \ description.sqf" Excuse my English, I use google translator
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    Is there any way I can auto delete unused vehicles?

    DELETE FROM instance_vehicle WHERE DATE(`last_updated`) < CURDATE() - INTERVAL 30 DAY or DELETE FROM object_data WHERE DATE(`last_updated`) < CURDATE() - INTERVAL 30 DAY pmain within the tab function before the end #update number of same class already spawned SELECT...
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    Death Screen

    yes I have
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    Death Screen

    dimension which I use for an image 1600 x 900, to get full screen.
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    [Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

    Hallelujah, glory! gloria! uhuuuu worked, thanks buddy kkkkk. thank you :D
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    [Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

    I'm taking kick restriction SetVariable # 0, you know how I can fix it log SetVariable: 09.04.2013 11:09:57: Formigao (IP) GUID - # 0 "clothestaken" = true 3:347 Sniper1_DZ
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    [Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

    I want the script only works to remove the camo and sniper, soldier because clothes are for vip.
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    [Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

    I'm wanting to remove the soldier to not get caught, how do case "Soldier_DZ": { _itemNew = "disabled"; };