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  1. zak

    Wasteland Goats Epidemic

    Wasteland Goats DayZ Epidemic IP/Port: TS3: About The Server: Active Admins 24/7 Day Clear Weather 400+ vehicles Auto Refuel Vehicle Tow Chopper Lift Trading Post Halo ALTIMETER More Gas Pumps Town Built up more New towns MORE AI Custom Loadout New...
  2. zak

    Killer Goats

    so i have been thinking about this for some time but havnt found any info on it but is there a way to spawn a shit load of goats at one spot and make them so thy will kill any one thy see? if not how do i go about spawning in some goats at one spot ?
  3. zak

    More Vehicles

    So i am a tad lazy today so does anyone have a sql scrip to add in more vehicles to the map lol ?
  4. zak

    Smokeys island of hell

    A new Mod i have found admins fell free to delete post but this is one mode for all to try. Let The Hell Begin ust a few tips just take a chilled quick sec to read through them Civilian: #1: Stats here is where you will find a great deal of useful information. Anything from how...
  5. zak

    Adding Building in the database

    Ok so like about 6 months ago when i was codeing in dayz there was a web site where you could put in your .bedi file or sqf file and it would give you a sql query that you could run on your data base. I am trying to truck this down as i have lost the address. It was something like wolf.wolf. ...
  6. zak

    Help server setup

    So i have been trying to set up a reality server and keep hitting a wall. i have read the read me files over and over and i stall hit this wall. thats is what i am trying to do is get cherno running on my dedi sever and having my database running on my other server. i run the reality cp and put...
  7. zak

    Database size

    ok i am setting up a server and looking for a place to put my database away fro my main server and would like to know how much space i will need for the database ? aka size
  8. zak

    script for cleaning up vehicles

    Im after a script for cleaning up vehicles aka ones that have been blowin up atm i have to keep deleting them all one by one and its just not cool