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  1. zedar

    Guía de herramientas y scripts útiles [actualizable]

    En éste post tratare de reunir las cosas mas útiles e importantes para ayudar a administrar nuestros servidores o todo lo relacionado con el modding de Arma2. Herramientas para creación de texturas, descompresores/compresores de PBO, firma de PBO, BIN...
  2. zedar

    Bienvenidos a DayZ en español!

    El subforo en español fué creado para dar soporte en distintas áreas a hispano hablantes. Esperamos que mas gente se sume a la mesa de ayuda para hacer crecer la comunidad de OpenDayz y seguir generando contenido entretenido y útil para todos.
  3. zedar

    Merry xmas for dayz community :D

  4. zedar

    Issue: Travel car back red lights

    Travel car back red lights allways ON
  5. zedar

    Female Zombies

    Can be added to DayZ 2017 please?
  6. zedar

    DayZ 2017 and Base Building

    Hi there, i was working 2 days on DayZ 2017 and Base Building i saw this a good part in the History of Dayz2017, 5 years later the survivors need a home to live and survive ;) Server: Port: 2402 IM trying to catch the attention of Daimyo with no luck so far to make this...
  7. zedar

    Issues: Tanks (textures, exit can broke your legs...)

    First, a funny video: Issues: 1) Textures(this happens in gaz too posible in othrs vechicles...): when you are not so close, you will see the original textures, when you are closest, then you see the dazy2017 texture. 2) Change of...
  8. zedar

    Issue: graphic glitch cherno medical tents

    The terrible glitch graphic is back :D We can see it in the medical tents located near the hospital in cherno. PD.. this is the correct way to report issues or must i post it in other place?
  9. zedar

    Issue: vehicles autofix

    1. found a vehicle 2. crash it 3. leave it 4. drive it 5. vehicle now all in green
  10. zedar

    Bug on Taviana 1.1.0

    This bug was discovered by Marcus, a member of ZEDAR community . The bug is a invisible wall in the subterrain tunnels, you can crash a car and the bullets stops in it. I've attached two images to help the modders to find the places and the type of bridge affected. Thanks for the...
  11. zedar

    Hiveext issues and workrounds

    Hi, After fighting a coplue of hours and don't find much in the big brother google i decide to make this post for future reference, it resume the most common errors related with hive. 1. Unknow Internal Error You are missing or corrupted the file Database.dll 2. Error connecting to the...