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    edit loot tables

    yes i know that everyone that wants to play has to download my files but this is not a problem. so ive having trouble adding guns to my loot table so i hoping some one would be kind enough to give me a quick guide on what to do or walk me thru doing one gun so i get the process that'd be awesome...
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    custom loot table

    so evertime i add new items to a building loot table after starting my server and game i am not getting any loot spawning in the building
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    loadscreen.paa missing

    so i having a problem seems when i unpack and repack the dayz_code.pbo upon starting the game i get a error message stating that i am missing the file loadingscreen.paa tho i have checked and the file is there so whats going on?
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    glitching ui? idk what to call it

    so can someone explain to me how to fix this. where your ammo left in mag is displayed the name of the gun covers up the ammo counter i dont know how to fix this could some one please help me as this is a really irritating glitch ill forever grateful ill upload a screen shot for reference thanks...
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    help please :) custom addon weapons in my server

    hi so on your panel where it shows you how much ammo you have is screwed up i was wondering how to fix this i have upload a screeen shot to show you the problem thank in advanced :) also i own the server i play on so i can make any edit needed
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    server updating

    so guys when overwatch release a server update is there any way to keep all my installed script like sarge ai and auto refuel without having to reinstall them after update?
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    admin help

    could any one tell me what your using for admin tools? just looking for other ideas other then BluePhoenix175 admin tools any ideas guys?