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  1. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    I must say, they are not as agressive as they used to be. Bandits don't fire even right up close.
  2. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    vehicles dissapear when you shoot the ai that took them. Tried the fix on the github (for vanilla dayz) but didn't work.
  3. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    error on dayz when killing AI:
  4. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    Request to have this removed from the RTP: "Leader is still alive: SAR_leader_5" /edit: Commented it out for now. It's spamming the RTP
  5. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    I usually just make two large elipses and have AI spawn randomly inside it. The ai will make waypoints inside this elipse. Thus creating the illusion of real roaming AI. They start on server restart and just wander about like players.
  6. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    moving it server side would def. be a godsend
  7. Zeehond23

    SargeAI Genesys

    awesome man!
  8. Zeehond23

    Custom Weapon HUD

    Sheep, would it work for vanilla dayz with some tweaks?
  9. Zeehond23

    Arma2 Battle Royale Carepackage Markers! HELP

    So you run this using a init in the server function?
  10. Zeehond23

    Arma2 Battle Royale Carepackage Markers! HELP

    Cpbo is terrible, use pbo manager
  11. Zeehond23

    DayZ Raditox Oldschool Server

    Good luck. Many have tried to bring back the old dayz and sadly all failed.
  12. Zeehond23

    Sector B

    wasn't sector B from Origins?
  13. Zeehond23

    Origins1795 key

    afaik origins is a locked mod.
  14. Zeehond23

    Arma2 Battle Royale Carepackage Markers! HELP

    if you get the script working I'd love to give it a go on my server(s)
  15. Zeehond23

    Help setting up militarized Overpoch server

    for starters ask your host to update.
  16. Zeehond23

    Customizing AI Weapons

    Sarge is the only AI that I really liked. Especially the truly roaming ai: You could have them spawn on server startup without a player needed and roam the server till they died. That made it so much better than the ones that spawn and despawn on players. Going to see if this works with dayz...
  17. Zeehond23

    What is DayZed?

    What is DayZed? Dead. It's dead.
  18. Zeehond23

    Waiting for server to start authentication

    did you check if you added the DB in the hive.ini?
  19. Zeehond23

    Stuck in Authetication

    0:40:07 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_spawnTraders.sqf not found 0:40:08 Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\system\dynamic_vehicle.sqf not found You running epoch?
  20. Zeehond23

    Arma2 Battle Royale Carepackage Markers! HELP

    running a server again danger? :p