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    [request]dynamic_vehice with all arma 2 and oa vehicles

    hi, i have a dayz epoch server and i need a dynamic_vehicle.sqf that has epoch vehicles and all the armed and unarmed arma 2 and arma 2 oa vehicles like tanks, apaches , mil mi 26, and like the f-35. because i want them to spawn on my server. thanks for visiting the thread.
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    como añado coches a mi server

    hola gente , tengo un server de dayz epoch y quisiera saber si hay alguna forma de añadir tanques y aviones del arma 2 al server con algun programa o directamente desde el navicat o otro archivo. gracias.
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    how can i add scripts to sheep's epoch repack?

    hi guys , i have Sheep's epoch repack but i don't know how to add more scripts to the server and sheep's is no longer online, can someone help me? here is the link of the repack that i'm using
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    help with fenix's admin tools

    good afternoon to all , i've got a problem with sheep`s dayz epoch server repack , the problem is that when i put my info in the admin menu cfg's when i enter the game there isn't a blue menú when i scroll with the mouse. i hope that you help me please.