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  1. spectrez


    Changelog 0.01 Plotpole maintaining is working (thanks to Axe Cop for providing the code) we just need to find a suitable currency for maintaining the objects also we made the plotpole craftable. Attachments boxes are still in the works (i got 1 guy working on it, but i havent heard from...
  2. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis (DayZ Epoch Branch)

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  3. spectrez

    Night on every third restart?

    ive been looking for ways to make a good day/night cycle on a server with a short restart, without using a accelerater script. CPC apparently uses such a system that im looking for, but wether its custom made or something old that isnt around anymore i dno. have anyone heard of this? the...
  4. spectrez

    Weird zombie movement?

    Before was released i worked on updating my servers scripts using a release, and now with the new version zombies seem to path, attack, and roam really weirdly? they seem like their lagging but without any scripts and on a local machine doing about 50 server fps, they seem like...
  5. spectrez

    RPT spam _msglist

    im getting endless spam with this syntax Error Undefined variable in expression: _msglist 7:35:32 Error in expression <oad, _interval, time]]; }; }; } forEach _msgList;> 7:35:32 Error position: <_msgList;> 7:35:32 Error Undefined variable in expression: _msglist 7:35:32 Error in expression...
  6. spectrez

    Massive amount of BE script reports and errors

    with my server comming close to release ive been trying to fix scripts within the script.txt But now ive come to a point where the server is giving me errors ive never seen before? Anyone that can help? (i cant pin files on the site yet :))
  7. spectrez

    Base Building "Code 0"

    Ive spent ages trying to restrict, solve, code or working around the "code 0" bug on items placed by dayz or outside of the db (like The reason why this is a concern, and actually holding off a launch with this mod, is the potential of...
  8. spectrez

    Sarge 1.5, no AI spawning at all

    Ive tried for hours now to figur out what im doing wrong, the AI just wont spawn, and the server wont even react to the scripts being in there, its like they arent running. And this is both Static and dynamic spawns with default config files Init.sqf /* INITILIZATION */...