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    [Help] blowing up buildings

    Hello i had a problem in my overwatch server some players thank it is funny to go around and blow up buildings with smoke grenades, etc and i was wondering is there a script that can allow all builds to disable damage so they cannot be blown up.
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    Epoch Help

    The reason iam posting this here is because when i posted it on the Epoch forums no one replied to it but had alot of views of the thread so i was going to try here. I was wondering has anyone else been getting players saying their codes on there locked doors have changed. because only a few...
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    SUV BUG?

    I did not know where to place this so please move it if it needs to be somewhere else. on my server i have noticed all the SUV's have like 5k slots for guns,ammo,backpacks lol is this normal? the suv class name iam using is SUV_PMC. all the suvs with this class name has the same thing. here...
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    thevisad said it was updated for so i tried it i did a full server wipe no mods/scripts at all. this is what i get in my rpt logs 22:11:38 "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf:Monitoring Remote Exe..." 22:11:38 "HIVE: Starting" 22:11:38 "HIVE: Local Time set to [2012,6,6,9,0]"...
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    ai kill messages

    I know this was added but why isnt it both ways? like when you kill an AI a message pops up over sidechat. but why doesnt it work if an AI bot kills you. i would think other people would like it both ways.
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    sql problems help please

    I am having one more other problem some players are loosing there on restart and when i look in sql there info is worldspace = [] Inventory = [[],[]] Backpack = ["",[],[]] state = [] medical = [] Model = "Survivor2_DZ" and it says they are alive not dead and some players are...
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    Navicat View help

    Does anyone have an navicat view created where you can see just tents without having to go into the object_data table. would be really helpful.
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    rhideobject help

    I am trying to make a hatchet arena in my server i got all that done but i made a gate so to speak that is controlled by an object to open/close the gate. now when i open the gate other players still see the gate there but on my screen its gone and i can walk though it. open.sqf...
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    [HELP] Ammo Glitching

    Alot of players on my server is ammo glitching my putting the ammo in their bag morphing to camo or any clothing and then take the ammo back out of their backpack to refill the guns ammo full is there any fix for this. here is a demo video
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    Hello i lost my mission sqf and biedi file so i was wondering is there away to convert SQM to SQF?
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    [help] server graphics

    We have been getting some strange requests from our regular players to allow lower graphics settings. they say it is auto settings their dayz graphics setting to high. i have tested this it keeps changing.
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    [Help] names not showing

    Hello iam having problems in my server where when people talk in side chat there names do not show up. this is my config file // MISSIONS CYCLE (see below) class Missions { class DayZ { template = dayz_1.chernarus; difficulty = "Veteran"; // change this for other...
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    [Help] Fresh Spawns

    would it be possible to spawn a bike to only fresh spawns when they spawn in so they do not have to walk so far.
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    [Help] Server Logs

    Hello again yet i am having another problem my server is not making any logs at all. only log i get is the rpt logs i do have the latest filters
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    [Help] fresh spawn

    Ok so this is our problem when we spawn in our server, walk around for 3-5 minutes abort, come back in we are a fresh spawn. in the hiveext log it says 2013-02-11 19:46:19 Database: [Error] Error 1054 (Unknown column 's.DistanceFoot' in 'field list') in MySQLQuery SQL: 'update `survivor` s...
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    [Help] Blacklist

    hello iam trying to do a vehicle blacklist which is working but i also want it to display it in globalchat. blacklist.sqf private["_inVehicle","_isVehicle"]; while {true} do { _inVehicle = (vehicle player != player); _isVehicle = vehicle player; if (isServer) then { _axet =...
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    [Help] hackerbox

    i got this code from but it was in a .fsm format and i just wanted it into a sqf file //hackerbox [] spawn { while {true} do { _boxes = nearestObjects [_x, [""MedBox0"", ""AmmoBoxBig""...
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    [Help] Bloodbag yourself

    I found this give bloodbag yourself code on another forum it works but iam having trouble adding some things here is the bloodbag.sqf and here is the fn_actions.sqf the code was to big to put in the thread. so what i was trying to add...