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  1. LTGNick

    Cant join... stuck in lobby

    So i recently opened a new server and i can login and get ingame just fine but it seems when other players join that cant get ingame they just sit in the lobby forever and theres no errors in the rpt i can tell and i cant really see what it says cause like i said i login just fine RPT...
  2. LTGNick

    Vehicles auto repair

    So i noticed and so did my players that when u go into a vehicle thats damaged and get back out and get back in its fully repaired when you get back in... how the hell is this happening and how might if i fix it
  3. LTGNick

    Not being able to reload back in after you die

    So this seems to happen almost everytime i die on my server i cant reload back ingame without having to DC and then re join the server and it allows me to go back to the lobby after i die and choose my spawn and my gender but right after that it just loads and counts to 120 before kicking me...
  4. LTGNick

    Static spawn errors

    i started up my server with static spawns located at devils castle and got a couple errors and im confused on what is wrong heres the errors 23:23:54 "[DZAI] Initializing DZAI version 2.1.3 Release Build 09272014 using base path z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI." 23:23:54 "[DZAI] Reading DZAI...
  5. LTGNick

    Cannot join server... Cant authenticate

    So i restarted my server so i can re upload the pbo's and when i join it says... Requesting Authentication... Retrying... until i time out.. thinking that my pbo's screwd something up i re made them and got the same error... anyone got any ideas why this is happening or how to fix? RPT...
  6. LTGNick

    Tips for vert hosting

    For awhile I had until they were just being terrible with support and switched to villager and now I'm at vert hosting and I was wondering if anyone has tips for me with it like setting up the server or other things for example where might the server vehicle settings might be?
  7. LTGNick

    Ghosted player?

    Every time i connect to my server it keeps telling me Checking for ghosted player and then i get sent back to the lobby and cant get in game anyne know how to fix it
  8. LTGNick

    Kill messages 1.8.2?

    I was on a server called Dystopia 1 and when i was on it i noticed it had kill messages on the top left side of the screen ... how might one can i make those appear on my server?
  9. LTGNick

    What scripts work with 1.8.2?

    I havent been interested in DayZ in the last 2 months with all these new updates and stuff i use to own a DayZ server but i stopped paying and all that so its long gone even though i kept alot of the files but i was thinking of starting up a server again because it was something to do...
  10. LTGNick

    Suicide confirm script

    So i think all those suicide scripts are great but what i never liked is the way to cancel them... it seems if you clicked it... your dead no matter what :p and alot of people would accidently hit it so i found a suicide one that makes you confirm you want to die... Basically im not gonna go...
  11. LTGNick

    Bodys Disappearing really quick

    So for awhile now players have been telling me that there bodys have been disappearing really quickly like within 30 seconds or up to 30 minutes.... i thought it might be the infiSTAR cleanup script but i dont think so now and also the cleanup script i thought could be doing it but both of them...
  12. LTGNick

    DZAI Rpt errors

    Running DZAI for static spawns and it working but i still get errors in the rpt log 16:12:03 "Initializing DZAI version 2.0.0 (Final) using base path \z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI." 16:12:03 "[DZAI] Reading DZAI configuration file." 16:12:03 "[DZAI] DZAI configuration file loaded." 16:12:03...
  13. LTGNick

    DayZ LTG (A Vanilla server)

    This is basically just a post for my server imma just list some things about it... and if you see some things on this list lemme know and ill try to help you get the scripts i have on my server to work for you if u have trouble DayZ LTG is a vanilla server runs antihacks by (infiSTAR)...
  14. LTGNick

    spam filters for side chat?

    So was wondering if there was any programs or scripts out there that watches how many times a players says somthing in side chat cause some kids on my server just keep doing "hello" "hello" "hello" "im in cherno" "anyone there" its like that every 4 seconds and its just gets annoying of course u...
  15. LTGNick

    Deploy bike... change the option to deploy it

    So lately im getting tired of scroll wheeling through 3-4 options just to get into a car and was wondering if there was a way to deploy the bike by right click on the toolbox in ur inventory instead of scroll wheeling?
  16. LTGNick

    Server welcome menu?

    So i was crossing around servers the other day and i noticed on one server that they had this when you joined
  17. LTGNick

    Working crate script for dayz

    So i was wondering if there was any premade scripts out there that allowed crates to be spawned and then choose the weapons that spawn inside them... DZMS uses the crates that i would like to put in devils castle so that every restart there are like 1-2 crates in the middle of devils castle with...
  18. LTGNick

    Cant repair/salvage vehicles

    So i have had salvage on my server for about a month now and no problems but today me and my players noticed that we cant repair or salvage ANY cars at all... and the only thing i recently implemented was a debug and cleanup script and ive removed both of them and tried but nop... still nothing...
  19. LTGNick

    Debug monitor server side?

    So ive noticed some servers have got there debug to be server side instead of client side how is that possible? i know that infiSTAR debug is also server side sooo does anyone know how to?
  20. LTGNick

    Errors with debug

    while {debugMonitor} do { _pic = (gettext (configFile >> 'CfgVehicles' >> (typeof vehicle player) >> 'picture')); if (player == vehicle player) then { _pic = (gettext (configFile >> 'cfgWeapons' >> (currentWeapon player) >> 'picture')); } else...