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  1. spectrez


    Changelog 0.01 Plotpole maintaining is working (thanks to Axe Cop for providing the code) we just need to find a suitable currency for maintaining the objects also we made the plotpole craftable. Attachments boxes are still in the works (i got 1 guy working on it, but i havent heard from...
  2. spectrez

    Short nights, long dayz

    When Genesis goes live, you can snatch our day/night "system", that however is based on restarts, and really only works really well with short server restarts like epoch or overwatch to some extend.
  3. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    The Dev version that we have online just now was applied straight onto our old Epoch database, and everything seems to work just fine. So the plan is to make it easy to change from epoch to genesis, altho the otherway around could be effy
  4. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Hello everyone, im still looking for someone to make DayZ Genesis´s Login screen and logo for the mod. If your interested please contact me so we can work out the details :)
  5. spectrez

    Epoch Building

    The objects health are set in the cfgvehicle file which is a unchangeable file unless you make your players download a new dayz_code.pbo containing the changes to the amount of health. I suggest reading this I...
  6. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Toss me or Mixed methods a msg about that
  7. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Theres a rule on that when a client is released, the server files should be released aswell :) since the server files arent done yet, this will be a developer alpha. but things should only move faster from here on out
  8. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Just a note to everyone that is interested, i plan on having a closed alpha ready for the devs within the weekend, hopefully that means we wont be far from a public alpha :) The testing will mostly consist of weapon testing, tweaking and double checking of the crafting system
  9. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    We still plan on making a sidemod, as we use custom weapon models to make this possible. Also we got over 20 new weapons now, that has customizable options for them
  10. spectrez

    addAction Subemenus

    Take a look through they used a sub menu system that you might be able to learn from
  11. spectrez

    Vilayer Dayz Epoch Server

    I can't directly help with vilayer, but I'll happily help with explaining how you add In scripts and how you get hold of files that you need to change. Just pm me if you need help
  12. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    As I am not home this weekend there won't be any pictures until Sunday night or Monday afternoon. Also I would like to let you guys know that we got a very experienced opendayz member helping us now : Xerxes With this guy we hope to bring you some very creative ideas to life. :)
  13. spectrez

    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Server files will be released with the first major update after a small beta phase on one of our servers. just to see if we made any performance errors :)
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    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Thats fairly unlikely as epoch officially still runs on dayz but ill look into it
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    DayZ Genesis - Features & More

    Crafting Showcase:
  16. spectrez

    SurvivalServers Making Money off OpenDayZ

    So very sad. Goes against the idea of this modding community...
  17. spectrez

    Scheduler.xml file working very strangely? Any help?

    cant see any issue, the loop should be ignored when you specify the time with 00:00:00. U sure you didnt mean to run it at 14:00:00?
  18. spectrez

    Custom Loadout Gear Duplicates it self.

    Could you PM me your bike scripts? i cant see a error in your FN_selfactions.sqf except you switched the comment around :)
  19. spectrez

    Custom Loadout Gear Duplicates it self.

    What mod are you using? Could you link us your FN_selfactions? Thanks
  20. spectrez

    Scripter not for hire!:

    you might wanna take a look here: And here: And then rethink your post