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    [Help] blowing up buildings

    Hello i had a problem in my overwatch server some players thank it is funny to go around and blow up buildings with smoke grenades, etc and i was wondering is there a script that can allow all builds to disable damage so they cannot be blown up.
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    has this been updated for the new battleye update 1 day ago?
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    [DISCUSSION] DayZ Origins-like DiscoBot

    whenever i disconnect even when iam not in combat the bot gets replaced so something is wrong i followed all the directions any ideas iam using this for overwatch 0.2.5 update
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    [Release] pick spawn and loadout

    this is no longer working for epoch i was wondering if anyone else is having this problem
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    Epoch Help

    The reason iam posting this here is because when i posted it on the Epoch forums no one replied to it but had alot of views of the thread so i was going to try here. I was wondering has anyone else been getting players saying their codes on there locked doors have changed. because only a few...
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    R3F Tow/Lift Help Needed

    anyknow know how i can make it so it attaches to the vehicle like 5-10m behind the vehicle. every vehicle i tow always bumps off and flys off into the sky when i untow it
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    [Release] Sector FNG Inland Version

    can you release the .biedi and the .sqf file so i can add some things / remove more stuff. thanks
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    [Release] Carepackage Cars, delivered by parachute from a plane

    what do you mean in the release section? title name does say [Release]
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    [Release] Carepackage Cars, delivered by parachute from a plane

    can you repost the tutorial for some reason its not on here anymore on the first post.
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    DayZ Overwatch 0.2.2 Out!

    i removed this line from my server_monitor.sqf call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers “\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\main.sqf”; but when i put the server up the custom buildings are still there.
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    Cant play on overwatch server...

    sadly your a hacker this was a log from my server nice using the same name on here tho Hack Log: KWTD (135235590) REASON: Script (infiSTAR_chewSTAR_Menu\infiSTAR_chewSTAR.sqf)
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    Anti Combat logging - DiscoBot

    anyone got this working on
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    [Script] Helicoper Disconnect Protection/Switch Seat [v1.2

    when i try to go to the back seat in the UH1H_DZ nothing happens at all but gunner, etc works fine
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    [Script] Helicoper Disconnect Protection/Switch Seat [v1.2

    anyway to make it so when you get in the gunner seat or back seat the heli will go in autohover mode with NO AI
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    Unable to get server to auto restart anyone able to help been trying for days

    well this is what i use @echo off echo KILL arma2oaserver.exe taskkill /im arma2oaserver.exe echo. ping -n 5 >NUL echo KILL Battleye Extended Control - Bec taskkill /f /im Bec.exe cd "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\DayZ Servers\Server 1\" perl --host...
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    [RELEASE] DayZ Trinity 0.5.5

    to tell the truth it was about a week ago and he said he was an dev didnt really remember the name
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    [RELEASE] DayZ Trinity 0.5.5

    no i mean the water spawn when 75% of the time people will spawn in the trinity bay. i asked someone in the dev team this before and he said it would be fixed in the next patch. which is this one but i didnt see it in the changelog
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    [RELEASE] DayZ Trinity 0.5.5

    sorry to double post the same thing but i would like to know the answer was the water spawn fixed? i didnt see it in the changelog
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    [RELEASE] DayZ Trinity 0.5.5

    was the water spawn fixed? i didnt see it in the changelog
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    [Script] Helicoper Disconnect Protection/Switch Seat [v1.2

    how would you go about removing him from the group once your back in the pilot seat