1. M

    Refined RP ~ Relaxed RP | Custom Traders/Loot/Vehicles | KOS Zones | Admin Events | [New Server]

    Refined RP [Relaxed RP ★ ChernarusPlus ★ Discord] What do we offer specifically? Custom Traders, Loot, Vehicles, Zombie & Animal spawns, etc. Plenty of ways to make money and progress [Selling pelts/meat, fungi, mili loot, lumber, hardware supplies, etc.] with an emphasis on player trading...
  2. Infrasonic

    BLissZ #1 PvE/PvP | AI | Hunt | Loot | Custom Zones | Weapons ✨

    Hello people, Would like to invite you to a new PVE/PVP server with some twists and turns in the good sense. The server is mainly intented for people who seek the challenging aspects of a PvE server combined with a big dynamic PvP zone that changes every day. It is also...