dayz chernarus

  1. H

    [UK] - PC - Hodgez Chernarus | Loot+ | Traders | 1PP | BaseBuilding | Raiding | Airdrops | KOTH | BETA TEST

    Hi Guys, Ive just released my first ever DayZ server for BETA testing. This server is based in the UK. With over 100 modded guns ready to be picked up, you wont be getting bored of the same old M4 or SKS, Vanilla weapons are pretty much obsolete here. If you are interested and want to see what...
  2. MassGrave


    MassGrave CURRENTLY HAS 60 SLOTS MassGrave Community.. a project for DayZ-Players, trying to improve everything that is not working right on other Servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 8000 hours; based on our DayZ-Experience, we decided to set up our Server, where we try to...
  3. RustyKit DayZ | Heli | Modded Guns | Airdrops | 10k | Expansion Market | Safezone Traders | Modded

    Hey! Everyone We are RustyKit! We are a new DayZ server, We hope you come join us! Our Admins are active and ready to help! Name: RustyKit | Modded | Market | Expansion IP: Socials! Discord: Website: Forums...
  4. K

    =NEW=Devils Brigade MultiMap [Chernarusplus] [Takistan] |HIGHLOOTX8 | Custom Traders| Custom Storage/Clothing| 24/7 BaseRaiding| 100k Start| Keycards|

    Custom DAYZ server, Custom Traders, Custom area’s unique to this server, vending machines, Custom high capacity clothing (1000 slots) , custom high capacity storage (1000 slots), decoder tablet, 24/7 raiding through doors, gates and hatches only. Maplink between Takistan and Churno which allows...
  5. I

    New DayZ Playstation server.

    **BRAND NEW** ***Chernarus Warfare is here and packed with mods!*** *Team up, Build, Protect, Raid and Secure compounds to gain territory around Chernarus!* - Playstation PS4/PS5 - Map: Chernarus - 32 slots ( Upgrading to 52 slots next week ) - Mouse and keyboard enabled - Regular restarts -...
  6. HollyOne_Empire

    (GER) DayZ Legends (Modded, PVE, PVP, RAID)

    ⬆️DayZ-Legenden⬆️ Kommt alle auf den Ps4 Community Server " DayZ Legends " DISCORD: GBcHPrwjEQ Gaaanz viel Spaß:)
  7. T

    The Republic Wipe 9/1|50k|Sbag|Heli|KeyCard|AirDrop|Toxic|Koth [IP:]

    The Republic US1 |NEW 2/10|50k|PVP|C4|AirDrops|Drugs|ATMs|Cars A brand new custom DayZ PC Server built for the players to have fun once again! IP: In DayZ's 'The Republic', you will find yourself in Chernarus surrounded by a PVP environment with an immersive PVE experience...