dayz pve

  1. Maracuja247

    White Peak Gaming

    Dedicated server hosted PC PVE Maps from Chernarus to Deer Isle, Banov and Namalsk. White peaks has been active for over 2 years and is supported by a good player base and always looking for new players to our community. Discord and Active Admins, Giveaways on Discord and Events at weekend's...
  2. A

    WandererRP [Namalsk || EU/Eng || PC ||]

    Hello survivor! We are WandererRP, a DayZ server carefully crafted around a fun but challenging Namalsk experience you will not find anywhere else! Name: WandererRP || Hardcore Survival Roleplay Map: Namalsk Focus: RP/PvE Timezone/Language: CET/English Slots: 30 IP:
  3. KevDsn

    Archon PvE - DeerIsle, Chernarus, Banov - PC | DISCORD | Loot | Hunt | Drugs | Boats | Helis | Missions | Hordes | BBP | Many mods | Helpful Admins

    SERVER IP: - PvE Chernarus SERVER IP: - PvE DeerIsle SERVER IP: - PvE Banov (NOW OPEN) DISCORD: Click HERE to visit us on Discord Now on a fully dedicated high spec server Having played on many DayZ...
  4. S


    Tiny Union! (FRESH 1.10)|SURVIVAL+|PVE|PVP ZONES|HELI'S|CARS|TOXIC ZONE Welcome to Tiny Union! We are a new DayZ community focused on testing players survival, while also encouraging players to discover more of the game. There is so much more than just PVP! Established October 2020, we aim on...
  5. G

    [UK] Pure Gaming UK |PvE|Traders|Missions|More FPS|Summer Chernarus|10k Start|Starter Kit

    Hey everyone we would like to invite you to our new dayz standalone pve server. Server Address Discord We regularly run Server Events including, Custom Weather System ( Our player base LOVES this one) Why not join us on Event nights for our Road...
  6. V

    Double Tap PVE/PVP

    Double Tap PVE/PVP Dayz Server IP: - Our focused is creating a fun and friendly gaming environment. - Our staff is active and always ready to help. - Join us on for news, events, updates and more. Server Features - Custom Traders - Black Market...
  7. S

    New Server!! The Walking Z

    The Walking Z | LOOT++ | ATM | PvP ZONES | 5K START | TRADERS | hello everyone this server is a PC server based in the uk. we have a small player base right now but were looking for more people to make it fill up and create bases. when you join as a new survivor you will start with 5K and when...