1. Sixxx

    **FRESH WIPE** EvolutionDayZ |250k Start|1PP|PvP|Trader|Heli|Loot+

    FRESHWIPE Evolution DayZ | 1PP Chernarus Evolution DayZ Evolution DayZ is a new Server/Community within the DayZ modding community which started with the aim to build its server around its players, taking suggestions and making them become features within our server giving the community a...
  2. T

    The Republic Wipe 9/1|50k|Sbag|Heli|KeyCard|AirDrop|Toxic|Koth [IP:]

    The Republic US1 |NEW 2/10|50k|PVP|C4|AirDrops|Drugs|ATMs|Cars A brand new custom DayZ PC Server built for the players to have fun once again! IP: In DayZ's 'The Republic', you will find yourself in Chernarus surrounded by a PVP environment with an immersive PVE experience...
  3. I

    [EU1] Built Different |1PP|100k|High Loot|Helis|Trader|Party|BBP|PVP|C4 Raiding|NoStam|NoSick|Bounty|Airdrop

    [EU1] Built Different |1PP|100k|High Loot|Helis|Trader|Party|BBP|PVP|C4 Raiding|NoStam|NoSick|Bounty|Airdrop Welcome to Built Different, the newly developed DayZ server. We offer high-quality, innovative and exclusive content created by and for the DayZ community. Explore our Discord for...
  4. MassGrave

    **2022** MassGrave #1 *65K Start*|SpawnSelect|HIGHLOOT|WEAPONS+|CARS+|ANIMALS+|GORE+|CustomTraders|Airdrops|EarPlugs|Inventory+|PVP

    MassGrave currently has 60 Slots MassGrave Community.. a project for DayZ-Players, trying to improve everything that is not working right on other Servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 8000 hours; based on our DayZ-Experience, we decided to set up our Server, where we try to...