1. S

    Uk silentz dayz Community Server NO TRADER loads of customizations and mods

    Silentz DayZ Community Server No trader includes GoreZ, Rag Landrover, DayZ Expansion, MassManyItems, Cl0uds Military Gear, Hordes Of Zombies !! Mortys Weapons + loads of loot and map customizations + extra weapons To find the server search "Silentz" in DZSA Launcher or use the IP...
  2. Infrasonic

    BLissZ #1 PvE/PvP | AI | Hunt | Loot | Custom Zones | Weapons ✨

    Hello people, Would like to invite you to a new PVE/PVP server with some twists and turns in the good sense. The server is mainly intented for people who seek the challenging aspects of a PvE server combined with a big dynamic PvP zone that changes every day. It is also...