1# Humble Hell-Map-Groups-boosted loot-Helicopter & More

I have chernarus pc server that can hold 80 players the
server hosting I'm using i got high cpu priority
and the max amount ram i could get i have loot only
turned up a notch and i have many mods like mmg storage
Base building Plus grouping system map MMG - Mightys Military Gear
Bed-Respawning Advanced Weapon Scopes UniversalSuppressor
GDZ-Crossbow2 Plus200_Recipes RevGuns and several more mods
and you will spawn with some survival gear 2 start with
so feel free come check it out and im on in the evening
if u join and need help get ahold of me on server Discord for
Humble Hell https://discord.gg/8TgGprT4 and my name on their
master disaster XL.. server ip is