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MassGrave currently has 60 Slots

MassGrave Community..
..is a project for DayZ-Players, trying to improve everything that is not working right on other Servers. We are experienced DayZ-Players with over 8000 hours; based on our DayZ-Experience, we decided to set up our Server, where we try to ensure an excellent gaming experience for everybody. If you are a good guy or a bandit is entirely up to you. We don't judge.

Maximum variety on weapons and cars, a lot of different Traders: Trader City, Central Trader, Black Market Zarya, Black Market Tisy, Yardwork, Hunting Trader, Black Hunting Trader, Drug Zones, Basebuilding Shop.

DZSA Launcher: http://dayzsalauncher.com

DZSA Launcher Filter Search: MassGrave


Discord: https://discord.gg/WfxM6aEuWw


*New Player friendly and new players welcome, but do not rage when Players raid your Base.*


@AbandonedVehicleRemover;@CF;@Trader;@GameLabs;C0deLock;@VPPAdminTools;@NoGardenPlots;@BaseBuildingPlus;@Trader Lights;@CannabisPlus;@ExtraFarmingItems;@AdvancedBanking;@InventoryPlusPlus;@Ear-Plugs;@zSpawnSelection;@Modular Vest System;@Better Inspect;@Mass'sManyItemOverhaul;@FlipTransport;@Garage;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;Clothing;@GoreZ;@MiniMap;@Forever_Lights_and_Campfires;@Kamaz_Truck;@[CrSk] VAZ-2107;@IRP-Land-Rover-Defender-110;@[CrSk] BMW 525i E34;@CrSk_HMMWV_PMC;@Dingo_Truck;@CarsForAll;@MMG Base Storage;@Mortys Weapons;@MoreFood;@Animal-Pack;@Flying Birds!;@Airdrop-Upgraded;@MMG - Mightys Military Gear;@PlayerStats;@Apokot_Fishing_Mod


All Traders are custom made; we have built with love and not just dumped everything down like other Servers. It took many weeks to place all objects and even tiny objects such as decorations.

Central Trader, Trader City, Basebuilding Shop, Yardwork, Hunting Trader, Black Hunting Trader, Black Market Zarya, Black Market Tisy, Smuggler Cove.


65.000 Rubel on the Bank guarantees you a relaxed start to check out the Server. If you don't like certain things, please remember that every Server is on another level, which means every Server offers something different. But we are always open to suggestions and new ideas.


We are doing Events every month, sometimes even weekly! Our lovely Community always has excellent ideas for extraordinary Events. Also, sometimes we hide Gold Bars somewhere on the Map that we can sell on the Black Market.

Hunting Events, PVP Events, Adventure Events, Special Events and more..


Rules can be found on Discord, we do not like Rules either, but sadly, we need them.




Will admins play on the server? Yes! But, we will video-record our session; this way, if any player shouts out admin abuse, then we have proved that we never used our tools; besides that, there are only two admins, which are me, @Axobi, and @Tobi; we are DayZ veterans, we know how to play, and we do not need to use tools to have fun. We will never use admin tools, we did not do that in the past, and we will not do that in the future. We are not even using invisible clothing mods to spy on you as other servers do; we only stop playing as a regular player when we are needed for admin reasons; for example, a cheater is on the server and gets reported, then we will spy on this player by teleporting near him and ban him if not legit. Once done, we will go back to our last teleported spot and continue playing as regular players.

Admin-Abuse does not happen on our Server! The Admins and also the Support is there for you on Discord anytime when online.

Happy Surviving Survivor!

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