3GuysGaming Dedicated Server Running Epoch/Overwatch/Epidemic/ DayZ/1.8 DayZ


Hello All,
3GG has added our own Dedicated Server to give back to the DayZ Community. We are running Epoch, Overwatch, Edidemic, and 1.8 DayZ servers. We are running NON PVP Servers as well as PVP Servers.

  • Custom Bases
  • Custom AI Bases
  • Custom Loadouts
  • Heavily Scripted
  • 300+ Vehicles
Our Dedicated Server is located in Dallas and this server is not Clan ran meaning everyone is welcome Clans etc.....

  1. DayZ NON PVP
    1.8 Server #1 PVP
    1.8 Server #2 NON PVP
    Epidemic #1 PVP
    Epidemic #2 NON PVP
    Epoch #1 PVP
    Epoch #2 NON PVP
    Overwatch #1 PVP
    Overwatch #2 NON PVP

Please come check us out .