Adding a new map?


Im stupid with this stuff, so thats why i use ur app, click click click all run fine..but i want to add isla duala map to play it.

Can u step by step tell me what to do please.

Not currently official supported. If you have a mission file though, you can use it in most cases. Then just edit "DayZ Server Controlcenter.exe.config" in your main CC directory and add "dayz.whatevermap" to the list of templates at "confTemplates". After a restart you are now able to select that one from the list in the CC. Save and you are mostly ready to go!
that i did. but i was kicked everytime due keys... (i copied keys also over from server files) , then i set verifySignatures=1, but now i hang on wait for host.

Also i notice that its only dayzcc in mod list under control panel. but isladuala and dayzcc is in modlist under config page....
can u maby not update ur software to support isla, as this is most popular server now exept cherna it seems....more than namalsk if i check players online