[OPEN] Adding a vehicle/helicopter to DayZ single player offline mode


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This is the response that i got:
DayZ Jun 2 @ 3:19pm
This worked for me for one of the Heli's, but there is no Name in the Vehicles Spawner window, just a button to spawn the vehicle at Cursor.

"VehicleName": "ExpansionUh1h",
"DisplayName": "ExpansionUh1h",
"Parts": [

My question is what file or where do i put this when adding a vehicle in single player???? Do i put this in chat? This person isn't online anymore so i cant ask her. I do barely remember seeing something like this a long time ago but I've looked thru all the files and I've not seen anything like this. Does anyone know? Please? I've run out of idea of where this could be posted or where it's supposed to be added to use a helicopter in single player. Thank you in advance!

Neil :)