Adding Buildings to 2.1

Now that all the custom buildings are gone, how do I go about adding my own custom buildings?
I have 3 Dayz servers running and the 4th is an overwatch server , I tried doing adding the buildings the same way as them but nothing works.


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Just take the main.sqf file from the 0.2.0 mission pbo and put it in your 0.2.1 mission pbo.

You can call it the same way or put it in the server pbo.


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in server pbo, in the server_monitor.sqf file, after the waitUntil{initialized};

you call it like this:
call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\buildings\main.sqf";
in the mission pbo, in your init.sqf file at the bottom you call it like this:

[] execVM "buildings\main.sqf";
ok its fixed. It was still calling from the server_monitor.sqf file. I just added [] execVM "buildings\main.sqf"; to the end of the init.sqf like you instructed.

So if I want to add or remove buildings I can edit them from the main.sqf?
Can someone upload 0.2.0 versions buidings/main.sqf file and post it here?
Cuz i added bildings to server trought mission, taking the 0.2.1 building/main.sqf, and there are not all of the buildings and wich does spawn, they spawn like 2 barracks in one place. :/