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the mod of this server will be changed to epoch soon...
sorry guys... but epidemic is as good as dead right now...

we already have epoch chernarus and epoch taviana up and running...
so maybe we will make panthera or namalsk on this one...
Nice server, at least for the short time I tried. I was then kicked for no reason. I re-logged to politely ask why I was kicked and was simply kicked again.

I was a fresh spawn, still looking for the basics. I had not even seen any other players yet.


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so whats your playername?
we get kicked sometimes too just out of the blue...
it must be a bug... and yes... its buggy as hell ^^

if the kickmessage reads like "you were kicked off the game" or something... i guess it was "the bug"

otherwise if an admin has kicked you it would read something like
"has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick etc"


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BEC should post these messages... 30, 10, 5, 2 and 1 minute before restart...
but unfortunately... it only posts them in the first few hours and then stops...
its still shown in the chatlog and in the chat in the rcon programs etc...
but not on the server...
so i guess this is a bug directly in the oa serverfiles...
if too many messages was shown in the last x minutes/hours it doesnt show any rcon messages anymore...
Hey there, maybe this is not the place for it. Yet does Epidemic allow for a hero skin? I've been playing on your server for quite some time now and have used over 15 blood bags on a friend.

Yet of course...Without a way to know what actual humanity I'm at I'm a little lost. Could you please tell me what humanity I'm at on your server? Maybe even the amount of humanity blood bagging gives on Epidemic please?
Hello, Thank you for that, I now have a hero skin and am very happy about it. Though, Recently there was a server reset that restarted all the cars on the server, This however messed up the weapon customization. I understand these things take time yet it is rather frustrating when the AI can hit you for miles. Yet you can only have iron sights on guns. Do you know when this will be fixed?


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@Fox: we have tested this on our testserver and the weapon customization worked so far
i need to do another test on the public server i guess ^^
im not sure if i can fix this one on my own... but stay tuned ^^

@moosea: if you kill your mate and he is not complaining about it it will be ok so far ^^
but i can give you a bandit skin if you want without your mate getting killed ^^


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alright folks... we have a new rootserver now...
so this server has a new ip ->

so come and check it out =)