Aftermath Chernarus RP

We are modding the map to give this server a more unique and more lore intense feel. Our thoughts behind adding more military zones to the more important/larger residential towns is: During a zombie apocalypse the military wouldnt just build a few road blocks then just quit and give up... our goal here is to make it seem as if the military gave a real effort to hold on and try to save Chernarus - which ended up failing in the end. Finished: NE Airfield Noropebka Kamyshovo Planned: Skalisty Island Svetlojarsk Severograd Altar Cherno More to come~

Mods: CF, Community-Online-Tools, Mass'sManyItemOverhaul, BuilderItems, FIDOv PACK4, BuildAnywhere, OP_BaseItems, DisableBaseDestruction, Code Lock, NoVehicleDamage, VanillaPlusMap and many more!

Friendly Staff and active traders!
Check out the rules and have a fun time!