Am I the only person who has lost all the icons?


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As you can see from the screenshot of this very post, I have no icons at all on the website. I have tried 2 different browsers as well as my cellphone.
I didnt "insert" the image inline because a picture of a post, inside of a post is confusing .. so just click the image link



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Tits up indeed ...
And to repost what ElDubya said to @CommanderRetra in a profile ..
"New users are unable to register on the site".
Retra suggested sending a PM to @Pwnoz0r ... which I have done.
Someone sent me an email for help this week because they were unable to create an account here. So I tried again, (I tried when eldubya mentioned this 2 months ago with same result as now) and it fails with some unknown server error. Apparently some people are able to register as the latest member is from April 17th . .. so it does work occasionally.

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