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SERVER IP: - PvE Chernarus
SERVER IP: - PvE DeerIsle
SERVER IP: - PvE Banov (currently under development)

Click HERE to visit us on Discord

Now on a fully dedicated high spec server

Having played on many DayZ servers we've taken the experiences we've enjoyed the most and created a friendly community of three DayZ servers featuring some of the best bits. Hosted on our own dedicated server with an ultra fast 1Gb/s connection we try to give players the best game experience possible.

With over 60 mods including some high end purchased mods, there's a lot going on, the Dark Horde roams the lands and the zombies may be a bit more of a challenge than you're expecting. Wolves and Bears are plentiful and dangerous but are a bounty at the traders! Hunting even the less dangerous animals will fill your pockets with coin.

We've added many different weapons, custom loot spawns, levels and locations, these are constantly being monitored and adjusted to keep things interesting and fun.

Many other ways of making rubles to buy exotic and fun vehicles, helicopters and boats, like farming crops or cannabis, or hunting for poppies to make Devils Dandruff, Airdrops and rare valuable loot.

If you don't like base building we can sell you a pre-made base in a community complex or if you're rich enough commission a custom built fortress. Likewise if you love to build feel free to create your own homestead with BBP-2+

Admins are friendly and helpful, just call out if you need help, if your vehicles stuck or anything at all, we're happy to help.

We offer a full player Discord channel for support tickets, voice channels, information, advice, events, competitions and much more....

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Our PVE DeerIsle server has now opened, with custom areas Fido Stalker, Mutant Island, MVS, Helicopters, many Vehicles, Event Island and much more! Come join the fun!


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DeerIsle event Island - Special events with prizes - Cart racing, Airsoft arena, shooting range, multiple areana.


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The snow has gone from Chernarus as the weather improves.

New Chernarus PvP server now online