[OPEN] Are we able to have loot and zombies spawn inside apartment buildings?


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This has always seemed like a blind spot in the game to me. During a zombie apocalypse, one would think that apartment buildings would become something almost like a fortress - where people would huddle to share resources and for protection. Or, they would be a spawning ground for zombies. Either way, apartment buildings should be very eventful. But, in the game, people mostly avoid them, because they rarely provide the loot and excitement that is worth the expenditure of time and energy.

As server owners, is there a sure-fire absolute way to make apartment buildings more exciting, with having loot, randomized events, and zombies spawn inside them?


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Hello, what you are suggesting is doable but needs a lot of tinkering.

Basically you need to go to your server files and edit mapgroupproto.xml, find the specific building that you want and either increase the number of allowed loot spawns (I think the property is maxloot=) or you could use proxies for static loot.

For infected on the other hand I'm not entireley sure but with a similar approach by editing env/zombieterritories.xml you could get it done.

For sure we need a more straightforward / easy way to do what you want to achieve but for now I beleive this is your only option (correct me if I'm wrong here - fresh server owner)