ARk: Survival Evolved - Sheep has a server!


OpenDayZ Lord!
PLAY ARK: Survival Evolved?

come join me on my server!
thats right sheep has his own 40 slot ARK server!

search for Winter is Coming in unofficial servers.

Max level - 80
Engrams - you can learn ALL engrams with a few point left over for updates!
Wild Dinos - raised random dino level so they can appear at upto level 90+!
server auto updates and restarts 4am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) every day so we are always upto date!

Tame rate is 5x normal
Resource gather rate is 2 times normal
Resource respawn rate is 2 times normal
dino spawns are 1.5 times higher (more dinos!)
Structures are 2 times more durable!

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