Arma 3 Dead Nation - does it work?


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Does anyone have any experience with this mod for Arma 3?
Trying to get this to work.

When connecting to the server, I am getting the server-side error
"Include file z\addons\dayz_code\group\dialog\dialog\common.hpp not found."
and then the arma 3 server console closes

The file is there.. I have checked over the launcher and configs and everything seems fine to me but ya it's not.
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when you start the server is your @dayz or whatever folder the mod files are stored in added to the startup line?
-mod=@dayz;@dayz_server .... must be in your server mod startup parameters
-mod=@dayz ... must be in your client startup parameters

of course replace @dayz and @dayz_server with whatever the mod names actually are.


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and since the djoe is a fork of the first one and you click on COMPARE .. it says

There isn't anything to compare.
malakdecaen:master is up to date with all commits from djoe45:master. Try <removed> for your comparison.
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those github files are not placed correctly IMHO. You have your @deadclient folder, and then inside of that should be an ADDONS folder with all the pbos/files in there. ...
So the path to dayz code should be


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where is this #include file being called from ?
Include file z\addons\dayz_code\group\dialog\dialog\common.hpp


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I have this working. It needs some scripting finished but I have to say I like the zombies better than Dayz Mod and its CERTAINLY far better than the Dayz Standalone.
I sent you a PM, I will give you a link to download all the files on my website.


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Looks to be correct.

Reading the link and the standard bis license, it looks like bohemia doesnt want any competition with the dayz standalone. All other mods are free to use with ANY arma version. All- in- arma even ports the entire arma2 addons folder into arma3.
So this restriction is only for the dayz mod.

The Arma3 port of overwatch then also are in violation of ToS ...
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