ArmaVersity - Est. 2013 - Are you Ready to go "Back To School"

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Hello Arma modders!

We are a small but very passionate group of modders (Sahrani Mod Developers) who are dedicated to sharing not only all the assets and IP we produce for Arma and it's sequels, but also the wealth of knowledge we are being given access to by way of advice from some of the most solid, and long standing pillars of this community!

As some of you may know we were given the incredible opportunity to bring the Armed Assault campaign map Sahrani to Arma 2. We are almost done with our initial Arma 2 release!

It was during this process as well as developing the DayZ Sahrani Mod that we came across Google+ and it's "Hangout" feature... it is truly amazing. It has allowed some of our less experienced modellers to show our more experienced modellers exactly what they are working on and what is giving them problems real time..

We have now used it several times to do development sessions where our productivity is just drastically increased.

From this birthed an idea... ArmaVersity

We intend on having weekly or monthly get togethers where anyone is welcome, new, old, experienced, or completely new to modding.

I think we may in the spirit of Arma (and depending on how much interest there is) establish a rank system where you are expected to patiently sit and listen the first few visits... then can get direct help.

This is all still being fleshed out so please offer up any and all suggestions!

The end goal is to have this process, allow the newer guys to pay for their education by re-writing or updating the tutorials for each specific type of asset or modding type. Then have that How To overviewed by the teacher to ensure accuracy. We will start with modelling, but are likely going to branch out to Script and Terrain sessions as well.

This should create a library of MUCH MORE thorough, up to date, and robust how to's.

I want to do anything and everything we can to keep information produced available here, the biki, armaholic, dev-heaven, OFPEC, PMC, AND the DayZ sites as well.

I have only just started really fleshing this out, THIS WEEKEND, so it's a big WIP, but I think it should come together pretty fast, it seems to be getting support from people I bring it up to.

Please show your support by Joining our Open Modders Group on the BIS Forums (or subscribe to this thread) AND our Google+ group so you can easily join the hangouts.

Lessons should be slightly less intense than this:


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Nice new project, i found time again to start modding ArmA (but ArmA 3 this time), i'll be glad to share my knowledge about visitor and other aspects of modding in the arma series.

Do you plan to have a website in the long term ?

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Yeah but we have no one who does web programming exclusively, don't want to waste time on a website when the forums are such a great central place for everyone to share their knowledge.

You know we're editing Sahrani in Visitor and have regular discussions with Bushlurker, IceBreaker, and about every other Map editing expert there is right?

Our map guy Steve I'm sure would say he's learned mountains in the past few months!

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Sure thing! We stick on EHD's TS mainly now, I idle in the Cifor one all the time though.

And the big wigs are really just agreeing to overview tutorial (which they'd do without us asking anyway as long as we posted them on BI forms lol)... But we have a very good relationship with more and more Arma, and DayZ modders EVERY DAY...

I really want to help make ALL the mods better

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what area's are you looking to learn?

We are in the middle of finalizing the last builds we want to put out before we focus on this project more. Should be training someone on buildings by the weekend we hope.
I'm learning to script, but there's so many questions and some of the answers take so long to find;
for example, modifying a crafting script to count how many of class "TrashTinCan";

disableUserInput true;

// close the menu
_nil = execVM "addons\closemenu.sqf";

// get all the parameters
_parameters = _this select 3;
_makeItem = _parameters select 0;
_neededItems = _parameters select 1;
_makeItemType = _makeItem select 0;
_makeItemName = _makeItem select 1;
_makeItemClass = _makeItem select 2;
_makeItemQty = _makeItem select 3;

player playActionNow "Medic";
[player,"repair",0,false] call dayz_zombieSpeak;
cutText [ format ["Attempting to craft %1, Qty: %2",_makeItemName, _makeItemQty],"PLAIN DOWN"];
sleep 5;

// get players inventory and story them as arrays
_mags = magazines player;
_weps = weapons player;

_correctInventory = true; // assume true until otherwise proven false

// loop through the array of needed items for the build
_itemType = _x select 0;
_itemClass = _x select 1;
_itemQty = _x select 2;

if (_itemType == 0) then {
if (_itemClass in _mags) then {
if (_itemClass == "TrashTinCan") then {
_inUserInv = {_x == _itemClass} countType magazines player; //why does this cause a lockup?
} else {
_inUserInv = {_x == _itemClass} count magazines player;
if (_inUserInv < _itemQty) then {
_correctInventory = false;
} else {
_correctInventory = false;
} else {
if (_itemClass in _weps) then {
_inUserInv = 1;
} else {
_correctInventory = false;
} forEach _neededItems;

if (_correctInventory) then { // appears the player has everything needed
// remove the items now
_itemType2 = _x select 0;
_itemClass2 = _x select 1;
_itemQty2 = _x select 2;
for "_i" from 0 to _itemQty2-1 do {
if (_itemType2 == 0) then {
player removeMagazine _itemClass2;
} else {
player removeWeapon _itemClass2;
} forEach _neededItems;

sleep 2;
player playActionNow "Medic";
[player,"repair",0,false] call dayz_zombieSpeak;
cutText [ format ["Crafting a %1",_makeItemName],"PLAIN DOWN"];
sleep 6;

if (alive player) then { // see if they weren't killed in the process
_error = false;
for "_i" from 0 to _makeItemQty-1 do {
if (_makeItemClass == "PipeBomb") then {
_result = player addMagazine "PipeBomb";
} else {
_result = [player,_makeItemClass] call BIS_fnc_invAdd;
if (!_result) then {
_error = true;
if(_error) then {
cutText ["One or more items were lost in the crafting process.", "PLAIN DOWN"];
} else {
cutText [ format ["You have successfully created: %1",_makeItemName],"PLAIN DOWN"];
} else {
// the players gear does not match
_neededString = [];
_itemClass3 = _x select 1;
_itemQty3 = _x select 2;
_itemName3 = _x select 3;
_inUserInv3 = {_x == _itemClass3} count magazines player;
_neededString set [count _neededString, format["%1/%2 %3",_inUserInv3,_itemQty3,_itemName3]];

} forEach _neededItems;

cutText [format ["To make a %1 you need: %2 ",_makeItemName, _neededString], "PLAIN DOWN",1];

disableUserInput false;

Bringing in new content would be cool too, new buildings, models, textures, whatever; so I'm keen to learn whatever is needed to help out. Try me :)

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scripting help, for now, likely better answered elsewhere.

The 1st wave of classes will revolve around the A1 buildings and teaching folks how to do those, once that system is in place we will do simple objects like loot and static objects.... Then moving parts models like guns, then vehicles...

After models are well covered (excluding animations and character models) we will then shift focus to either terrain, or mission editing/scripting.

Nonov Urbizniz

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I have updated the readme on the Github and will begin organizing it all.

M1lkm8n will notify my on skype when he has time, and I will notify you Darce and our other student!

Classes went pretty well the other night I think, and we should have a fresh session with everyone working on pretty much the same buildings all at once.

I will post links to pics the buildings, and a suggested floorplan.



Welcome to the poject, We are still organizing, however here is a quick guide:


Required Tools:

Bohemia Tools: Github for windows:

Usefull Links:
Dev-Heaven Community Modding Bible:

A1 MLOD Source:

For the building project you only need the "Environment Models Complete Pack"



Arma 1 MLOD Building Project

This will be a fully open project as per the Aram 1 MLOD release license:

Armed Assault Complete Pack License

1) Bohemia Interactive grants to you a personal, nonexclusive License to open, modify and distribute the ArmA Sample Models for the purpose of designing, developing, testing, and producing non-commercial game content for PC game ArmA and its sequels or expansion packs.

2) You acknowledge and agree that you will not commercially exploit any game content you may created using the models without Bohemia Interactive prior written permission.

3) Bohemia Interactive doesn't give you permission to exploit ArmA Sample Models in any other way, especially not to convert them for use in any other game or engine than ArmA or its sequels and expansion.

4) If you create and distribute a work based on the ArmA Sample Models you must license the entire work, as a whole, under this License to anyone who will be using it. This License gives no permission to license the work in any other way, but it does not invalidate such permission if you have separately received it.

Please ensure all models are made with the SMD_ ofpec tag to ensure continuity.

Any Questions you can email or contact NonovUrbizniz as below:

Email -

Teamspeak Server:
Name:Sahrani Development Teamspeak