Balota Arifield Redone

if you like the airfield feel free to download it and you can edit it is included with a biedi and sqf are in the file! also feel free to like/sub @ it helps me make more places! if you feel thats too much containers just put it it the editor and delete them!

Video preview:
Download -
(mirror) MediaFire
This is epic... hope it works.
Most peoples map additions never load correctly for me :p
There is always some sort of file missing causing the mission to not be able to be played.

Trying it out right now.
Wont load for some reason?

I build and add my own custom stuff to my server so I know how to add them correctly, but for some reason this does not load into the game?

Also when I loaded it into the Editor for the first time I got this error...

"Cannot load texture ca\misc3\wf\data\black.pac."
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If he did it with custom editor program or added some buildings to it that werent originally in dayz you will have problems with buildings loading in


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Yea I used sector c and I thought the buildings would work but it turns out since it was made with a certain editor it wont load certain buildongs

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